Santa Lives

~Lynn Matthews and Michael Scott

Santa Clause, is real and living in Pennsylvania.   For those of you who are wrapped up in self-identifying politics, and angry over the President, we ask that you take a minute to believe.

For the past six years, Mr.  Robley Martz has been going around the living the life of Santa.  From visiting Cub Scouts, Caroling in retirement homes, visiting soup kitchen or just walking through stores.  Spreading hope and good cheer.

Red Hot Media, caught up with Santa for an interview.

“Santa is a year round event, I feel we need a Santa ALL YEAR ROUND to try to bring some joy into our world. Too often kids are only treated so well one day a year! It is MY personal goal to make sure kids know the joy and love of Christmas all year long!!!!”

The real Santa isn’t big on commercialism and despite his limited budget his gifts have great impact, they come from the heart.  “The gifts I give are little bears and ginger bread men crocheted by my Bride. I carry them with me in a pocket or pouch.  The bears started as a money maker we did when we lost a grand baby to SIDS. My wife crocheted these bears and we traded them for donations which went to the SIDS foundation to buy proper cribs for babies.  I also bake a cinnamon bread which I dress and distribute to families in the neighborhood, and families we know need the extra smile and warmth.”

While the real St. Nicholas may have died centuries ago, we can believe in the hope that Santa brings in real life, and the kind deeds of men like Mr. Robley, spreading Joy.  From his Facebook post. “I was asked what it was that led me to embrace the role of Santa for the past 6 years. Well, it actually started over 50 years ago when I watched my Dad do the same and walk the road we lived on distributing gifts to family. I remember how Dad used to enjoy it. So, when we had Grand kids and Great grand kids living near, I decided to do it for them! And I noticed something……I understood why Dad enjoyed it. Yeah, it is only for a couple weeks every year, but I have found that the warmth of the smiles, the hugs from the kids, and the light of hope I see in their eyes when we talk lasts throughout the year. People smile, are friendly, and even go so far as to drop their wall they have built around themselves and sit on Santa’s knee like they did as kids!! And then, throughout the year, no matter what happens, I can call forth those couple of weeks’ memories to carry ME through! It gets to a point where you look upon those brief days of Santa, and remain assured that there IS still HOPE and LOVE in this world. But the secret to it all is that WE HAVE TO MAKE THE EFFORT to bring that love and hope to the surface so that it shines above all the hate!!! So, I will continue as I have for the past 6 years. I will push til I can push no longer. I realize that by reaching across the void to touch the life of a child at this time of the year, I can make a difference, not only in the child’s life, but in MINE!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!! MAY GOD LET YOU FEEL THE SMILES AND LOVE AS I DO!!!!


If you would like to contact Santa he can be reached at

From the staff of Red Hot Media, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and have a blessed end of the year.


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