Here’s Johnny California district 28

~by Lynn Matthews

Johnny Nalbandian, an American success story, the son of immigrants fleeing a Stalinist government in 1944, Johnny grew up understanding the virtues of hard work and persistence.  From selling newspapers, to washing dishes to cleaning restrooms at a gas station, Johnny believed in hard work and a good work ethic would lead to the American Dream.  And it has paid off.  At the young age of 19, Johnny founded a a successful California-based seafood distribution and processing company. Johnny’s list of accomplishments reads like a whose who of the business world.  Now Johnny an incredibly successful businessman has taken his knowledge of the business world, and is going to use it in the political arena.

Despite being one of the most influential businessmen in California, Johnny has never forgotten what California used to be.  A state of great opportunity and success. During the last few decades, Johnny has been watching the steady decline of business and the rising rate of homelessness entering his once prosperous and economically sound district.  He attributes this decline to poor democratic leadership, the rising opoid epidemic and a loss of jobs to other countries and states.  He has been quoted as saying, “Our congressman, instead of worrying about the Russians, should be worrying about his district and all the businesses that are hurting under Democratic rule,” referring to Democratic house representative Adam Schiff; who is spending his time in congress attacking President Trump.

So troubled by the homelessness in his district, Johnny took to the streets to question the people inhabiting these homeless encampments.  While questioning them, he came to the realization, that the majority of homeless who were not drug addicted desired to be employed.  Several of those he interviewed mentioned that their previous employers had relocated to Mexico or other more business friendly states.  Bringing jobs back to California is a top priority that Johnny is running his platform on.

Red Hot Media had the pleasure of Interviewing Johnny and has discovered that Johnny is a a firm believer in a free market system.  Where people who work hard are able to enjoy the benefits of their work.  He believes firmly that excessive government regulations are crippling small business, causing them to relocate to stay fiscally sound.  He also stated that the democratic party has actively been promoting “free-loadism”, and that individuals should take more personal responsibility, and have less reliance on government handouts.  Johnny believes in a “hand-up” not a “hand-out” and is a cheerleader for small business and innovative ideas.  Always willing to lend his expertise in business to young budding entrepreneurs.

Another Issue that is pressing is voter fraud.  Johnny pointed out that LA County Admits Number Of Registered Voters At 144% Of Resident Citizens Of Voting Age. That California is failing to comply with the voter registration list.  He Believes this is a huge problem and that every American Citizen should be represented by one vote. California should use any means necessary to have a fair and free election.  Especially since San Francisco has implemented programs allowing illegals to access the voting booths.

Johnny is a firm believer in the constitution, and realizes it is under attack.  Under attack by career politicians who put party above people.  He is so passionate about his beliefs, that when confronted by a young vitriolic liberal, who claimed he was a Passionate Patriot, Johnny took the name proudly,  naming his show, “The Passionate Patriot Club“.  Episodes are on Facebook every Monday 7:00 pm PST. Its a entertaining informative straight shooting show, where Johnny and his guests discuss issues that concern his citizens.   Reruns for the Passionate Patriot Club can also be viewed on Youtube.

Whether its homelessness, job creation, immigration or many of the other issues facing California,  Johnny has a plan to correct and rebuild California to the majestic state it once was.

Johnny can be reached at his Passionate Patriot Hotline 1-818-853-4652



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