California Allowing Illegal Voter Fraud

Orange County California a strong hold of conservatism, recently had their county flip from Red to Blue after the 2018 election results rolled in.  What happened exactly is the question everyone is asking.  How could a county opposed to sanctuary status, and liberal policies turn from a conservative strong hold into a progressive held county.

To understand the issue in its entirety, you must look at California as a whole picture.  California is one of the most populous states, and has 53 representatives to cover their population.  It is a state that has a good deal of internal problems.  From border crossing, to high gas prices, from earthquakes, to wild fires, and of course San Francisco being labeled the “poo” capital of the United States.  Yet, the people of California are determined to keep the state one of the highest cost to income ration states to live in.

How could the people living there be so self absorbed as to not look out their window and see what is happening in their state.  Some media pundits claim the loss of Republicans is due to Trump.  Some even going so far as to make ridiculous claims that they wouldn’t support candidates running that supported the President.  However, the majority of the country disagrees with this theory.

Another theory given by the Washington Examiner is that Democrats outspent, out campaigned and were intimately involved in colleges and universities electing Democrats in their state.  Michael S.  resident of Orange County California told Red Hot Media, “my daughter was told in class to get to the polls”.  A similar sentiment from other college students around the state.  Basically bullying them into participating in the mid term election.

While the above theories may hold true as to why republicans lost the election in California, another issue that has been presented, and hushed up is that of ballot harvesting.  While Californians were basking in the climate of warm weather, sunny beaches, and mountains, Jerry Brown current governor signed, a change to the law AB-21 two years ago.  This change, even though a minor change allowed anyone from street sweeper, to pan-handler to collect ballots, and deliver them to polling booths. Also included are Provisional ballots for homeless, and “motor voter” registration for illegal aliens allowing them to vote on Federal elections, not just state elections. 

According to Ballotpedia, “Ballot harvesting: A person requests a mail ballot for someone else or steals a mail ballot, then uses that ballot and forges the intended recipient’s signature. Also refers to filling out a ballot for someone else who has requested assistance in filling out a ballot, rather than assisting them.  It is listed as voter fraud.

According to Town Hall, this law, referred to as ballot harvesting,  “amounts to an open invitation to large-scale vote buying, voter coercion, ‘granny farming,’ and automated forgery. AB 1921 solves no problem that a simple stamp can’t solve.”  According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “Election Day vote-by-mail drop-offs was unprecedented — over 250,000.”  With the population of Orange County being 3.1 million, 250,000 harvested ballots would surely play a significant role in who was elected to the house of senate.

At any rate, Orange County California has completely turned into a Democrat strong hold, and it will eventually be supporting sanctuary status to supplement their democratic votes.  Having a super majority in the state, rest be assured conservative legislation will not be considered and certainly not passed.

Did California new policy of ballot harvesting affect the election? We report, you decide.






California Wild Fires Cause Climate Change

Climate change activist and Governor of California, Jerry Brown is responsible for the recent climate of controversy hitting the state of California.  The wild fires that are occurring in California are a direct result of of poor land management, of the forests that are abundant in California.

One fire alone, the Camp fire all but destroyed the city of Paradise California.  At the time of this report, 56 reported deaths,  138,000 acres burned, 10, 321 structures burned, with 8,756 homes burned.  

The Woolsey Fire in LosAngeles and Ventura County has destroyed more than 500 buildings and is burning at the same time of the Camp Fire.  

Surprisingly, Jerry Brown sticking to his climate change agenda, claims the devastating fires are the new normal due to climate change.  However, while he was on his world tour spouting the dangers of climate change,in 2016  he vetoed a bipartisan wildfire management bill.   The bill SB-1463 would have given local governments more say in fire-prevention efforts through the Public Utilities Commission proceeding making maps of fire hazard areas around utility lines.

According to “Supporting Obama-era regulations have resulted in the new normal: an endless and devastating fire season. Obama-era regulations introduced excessive layers of bureaucracy that blocked proper forest management and increased environmentalist litigation and costs– a result of far too many radical environmentalists, bureaucrats, Leftist politicians and judicial activists who would rather let forests burn, than let anyone thin out overgrown trees or let professional loggers harvest usable timber left from beetle infestation, or selectively cut timber.”

According to  National Centers for Environmental Information, Between October 2016 and February 2017 California has had the highest precipitation average since records began being kept in 1895.  The increase in plant life, and the hot dry summer has made California a tinder box of weeds and dead trees waiting for the right conditions to spark up a fire of apocalyptic proportion.  

While California has made progress in cutting its emissions of green house gases, the wild fires that have occurred due to the “wacko” environmental policies of Governor Brown have wiped out any progress made. 

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “The state agency that oversees most of California’s global warming programs — the California Air Resources Board — does not include wildfires in its annual inventory of emissions, the official scorecard of the state’s progress on global warming. When state officials talk about how much California has managed to cut its emissions so far, they don’t factor in wildfires.” 

This begs the question, why is Jerry Brown, who is the premier source of Climate hysteria touting his climate change agenda, when his record of actually trying to control the climate is so dismal?

Did Feinstein Enable China Hacking?

Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein, has served in the US Senate since 1992.  Ranking member of Committee of Judiciary whose role it is to  provide oversight of the Department of Justice and the agencies under the Department’s jurisdiction, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Department of Homeland Security, the Judiciary Committee plays an important role in the consideration of nominations and pending legislation.

It was recently reported in Politco that Feinstein had unknowingly hired a Chinese Spy, and that this spy had had access to Feinstein for more than a decade.  At the time of this discovery, Feinstein was the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee.  What is not known is how much influence did her sitting on Senate Intelligence have to do with the ability of the Chinese to hack into the United States defense contractors databases and take information.

It turns out that Communist China had a spy in her office. A 20-year employee of Feinstein’s, the agent had been reporting back to China’s Ministry of State Security for well over a decade before he was caught in 2013, according to the FBI.

In January of 2017, Business Wire reported that Sen. Dianne Feinsteins husband was a major beneficiary of military appropriations blessed by a subcommittee that she headed, Metro Newspapers reports this week.

Feinstein has long been an advocate for Trade with China, pushing the US to declare China as a Favored Trade status.  It was reported by WND that She has opposed a U.S. anti-missile defense, supported China’s MFN (Most Favorable Nation) status, supported the COSCO purchase of Long Beach port and is a well-known opponent of linking human rights with trade. However, Feinstein’s financial ties to the communist Chinese and COSCO include her husband, Richard Blum.

All this talk about Russian hacking into the US elections, has prompted RHM to investigate incidents of Chinese hacking of military industrial complex. It is also important to note that the Chinese may also have the e-mails of Hillary Clinton. As the Daily Caller reported, “A Chinese-owned company operating in the Washington, D.C., area hacked Hillary Clinton’s private server throughout her term as secretary of state and obtained nearly all her emails.”

According to the Independent, Chinese government hackers  stole 614 gigabytes of highly sensitive data from a U.S. Navy contractor, including plans related to a supersonic anti-ship missile meant to be usable by 2020 and other details about undersea warfare.

January of 2010, Google reported it was attacked by Chinese Hackers.

In 2014, the Senate Armed Services Committee found Chinese hackers had accessed the networks of U.S. technology companies and airlines involved in the transportation of military troops and equipment.

In 2006, the Commerce Department had been hacked causing them to have to throw away several computers.

The campaign of Barack Obama and John McCain were hacked by Chinese hackers, The Secret Service forced all campaign senior staff to replace their Blackberries and laptops. The hackers were looking for policy data as a way to predict the positions of the future winner. Senior campaign staffers have acknowledged that the Chinese government contacted one campaign and referred to information that could only have been gained from the theft.

Is it a coincidence that a sitting US Senator with favorable ties to China and the hacking of not just defense and commerce departments but other US entities? A senator who has enriched their financial status using Chinese Investments?


Here’s Johnny California district 28

~by Lynn Matthews

Johnny Nalbandian, an American success story, the son of immigrants fleeing a Stalinist government in 1944, Johnny grew up understanding the virtues of hard work and persistence.  From selling newspapers, to washing dishes to cleaning restrooms at a gas station, Johnny believed in hard work and a good work ethic would lead to the American Dream.  And it has paid off.  At the young age of 19, Johnny founded a a successful California-based seafood distribution and processing company. Johnny’s list of accomplishments reads like a whose who of the business world.  Now Johnny an incredibly successful businessman has taken his knowledge of the business world, and is going to use it in the political arena.

Despite being one of the most influential businessmen in California, Johnny has never forgotten what California used to be.  A state of great opportunity and success. During the last few decades, Johnny has been watching the steady decline of business and the rising rate of homelessness entering his once prosperous and economically sound district.  He attributes this decline to poor democratic leadership, the rising opoid epidemic and a loss of jobs to other countries and states.  He has been quoted as saying, “Our congressman, instead of worrying about the Russians, should be worrying about his district and all the businesses that are hurting under Democratic rule,” referring to Democratic house representative Adam Schiff; who is spending his time in congress attacking President Trump.

So troubled by the homelessness in his district, Johnny took to the streets to question the people inhabiting these homeless encampments.  While questioning them, he came to the realization, that the majority of homeless who were not drug addicted desired to be employed.  Several of those he interviewed mentioned that their previous employers had relocated to Mexico or other more business friendly states.  Bringing jobs back to California is a top priority that Johnny is running his platform on.

Red Hot Media had the pleasure of Interviewing Johnny and has discovered that Johnny is a a firm believer in a free market system.  Where people who work hard are able to enjoy the benefits of their work.  He believes firmly that excessive government regulations are crippling small business, causing them to relocate to stay fiscally sound.  He also stated that the democratic party has actively been promoting “free-loadism”, and that individuals should take more personal responsibility, and have less reliance on government handouts.  Johnny believes in a “hand-up” not a “hand-out” and is a cheerleader for small business and innovative ideas.  Always willing to lend his expertise in business to young budding entrepreneurs.

Another Issue that is pressing is voter fraud.  Johnny pointed out that LA County Admits Number Of Registered Voters At 144% Of Resident Citizens Of Voting Age. That California is failing to comply with the voter registration list.  He Believes this is a huge problem and that every American Citizen should be represented by one vote. California should use any means necessary to have a fair and free election.  Especially since San Francisco has implemented programs allowing illegals to access the voting booths.

Johnny is a firm believer in the constitution, and realizes it is under attack.  Under attack by career politicians who put party above people.  He is so passionate about his beliefs, that when confronted by a young vitriolic liberal, who claimed he was a Passionate Patriot, Johnny took the name proudly,  naming his show, “The Passionate Patriot Club“.  Episodes are on Facebook every Monday 7:00 pm PST. Its a entertaining informative straight shooting show, where Johnny and his guests discuss issues that concern his citizens.   Reruns for the Passionate Patriot Club can also be viewed on Youtube.

Whether its homelessness, job creation, immigration or many of the other issues facing California,  Johnny has a plan to correct and rebuild California to the majestic state it once was.

Johnny can be reached at his Passionate Patriot Hotline 1-818-853-4652


Make the Valley Great Again

Life long resident of the San Fernando Valley Mark Reed has been a heart broken witness to its steep decline.  He claims that years of politically-driven mismanagement has allowed for a slew of issues to fester and grow.  Three such issues on the top of Marks list are the increased rate of homelessness, rampant drug addiction and the subsequent spike in crime.  Reeds first move has been to take a vocal stand against the self-serving politicians who serve their careers and political allegiances over the people of SFV.

Red Hot Media had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Reed as to his reasons for running for the 30th District Congressional seat.  We discovered some interesting facts about this actor, small businessman, rancher, father and grandfather of ten. First and foremost he’s a staunch advocate for conservative principles as a strict Constitutionalist.  He believes that our “rights” are granted by our creator, not by the Government.

Down to the Issues:  The San Fernando Valley has been plagued with homelessness, which is reaching a tipping point. Reed claims that a major factor in the uptick in homelessness is the rise in drug addiction.  His comprehensive plan to combat both homelessness and drug addiction is outlined here.  The funds for Reeds Program are already available in the federal budget, however, up to this point have been appropriated to other states already engaged in related rolled-out programs.

Mark believes that focusing on the root causes of drug abuse/addiction and homeless is the only way to have a positive impact – and is significantly less expensive than the $78,000 spent yearly to incarcerate those stuck in its web. He strongly believes that a substantial increase in mental health initiatives, backed by the re-opening of short/long term mental health clinics is a major step in the right direction.

Helping America’s veterans, is a cause close to Mark Reed’s heart.  One goal in his cross-hairs is the re-opening of the Sepulveda Veterans Administration.  The Sepulveda VA has had to close their doors to emergency treatment and has substantially limited its surgical treatments, forcing some veterans to drive more than 60 miles for care.  Reed wants to restore the Sepulveda VA back to a fully functioning hospital for our grossly neglected veterans, providing our heroes the help they need – and so very much deserve.  Currently, the psychiatric division has 6,000 patients with three qualified staff.

One of the most dire and telling  issues Mr. Reed conveyed to Red Hot Media is current attack on our First Amendment, and his desire to reclaim it.  He addressed the FCC years back where he discussed Vertical Integration and Media Consolidation.  Unfortunately, according to Mark, due to self-serving political agendas across the board, nothing has changed.


Comments made by Mark S. Reed before FCC Commissioners Michael Copps and Jonathan Adelstein, August 31, 2006 Los Angeles:

Control information and you control the nation.

That was the theme of my testimony before the FCC several years ago, when I spoke on behalf of the Screen Actors Guild.

More than ever, it’s my theme today— because in the years since then, fewer and fewer people are controlling more and more of America’s media. And we rely on America’s media as our source of diverse information!

But with fewer people now controlling our media, that diversity is being lost—not racial diversity, but the kind of diversity that is key to American survival—the diversity of ideas.

With fewer people now controlling more media, we’re being denied diverse Information— herded into uniformity—the uniformity of thought that is parent to tyranny.

We ask the FCC to help us prevent that tyranny of uniform thought. No time to waste.

We need help now!

Folks—in a few days, it will again be September Eleventh. We are still under attack.

Our borders are weak, our people are confused, and the information we get is controlled—opinionated and sanitized.

If we are to survive, we must have balanced information—so we can think about it—so we can debate it and dissent. I know what I’m talking about. I’m an American Indian, descendant of an ignored people—and I’m a proud American citizen.

What was once Indian country is now our American nation which—like every other nation on earth—is a nation of immigrants.

But our America is unique—because it is founded on diverse ideas as much as diverse races. Without our diversity of ideas, based on open information, we American citizens will certainly lose our liberty.

Control information, and you control the nation. It’s happening now and it must be stopped.

Mark Reed Can be reached:

Facebook:  Mark Reed for Congress

Phone: (818) 378-4370

To donate to Mark Reed For congress: please visit

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