Robert Kraft Caught up in Human Trafficking Sting Operation

Robert Kraft, owner of the Superbowl championship winner’s New England Patriots has been charged with solicitation. Kraft is being criminally charged with soliciting prostitutes at a spa in Florida.

According to T.C. Palm, The NFL owner was charged with paying for sexual services at Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter. “The spa was among 10 shut down in the Orlando area, Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast after a several-month investigation revealed women there were in “sexual servitude,” according to arrest records.”

Based on the timing, it would appear that Kraft has been caught up in a sting targeting a human trafficking ring that has connections from China to New York and Florida, according to Martin County Sheriff William Snyder.

Snyder said Chinese women held in the spas were involved in “graphic sexual activity, very risky behavior.” They had no access to transportation and were moved from location to location.

“It was clear that multiple women were working and living inside the spas. They were cooking on the back steps of the business,” Snyder said. “They were sleeping in the massage parlor on the massage tables.” Snyder said what has been revealed so far is “the tip of the tip of the iceberg.”


ISIS Bride wants to come to US

The United States will not admit a woman who left her home in Alabama to join the terror group ISIS.  as President Trump tweeted out, “I have instructed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and he fully agrees, not to allow Hoda Muthana back into the Country!”

President Trump - Hoda Muthana tweet

Muthana, 24, left Alabama four years ago to join ISIS. While studying Business at the University of Alabama, she told her family, she had a field trip to Atlanta where she boarded a plane to Turkey. From Turkey, she ended up in Syria and within a month of being in Syria, she was married.

Buzz Feed did an extraordinary interview with Hoda, about her lying to her parents, her first marriage to a mujahid, fighter, and her family’s reaction to Hoda leaving her family for ISIS.

Muthana, who used her social media to urge attacks on Americans; Writing, “Americans wake up! Men and women altogether. You have much to do while you live under our greatest enemy, enough of your sleeping!” In another tweet, she demanded, “Go on drivebys, and spill all of their blood, or rent a big truck and drive all over them. Veterans, Patriots, Memorial, etc day… Kill them.”

Muthana now wants to re-enter the United States as a citizen. In an interview, she believes that with psychological training she can re-trained and be a useful member of American society. Claiming she has been traumatized by her experience, and she no longer feels the way she felt when she was “brainwashed” by a secret Twitter Network. She is hoping that America comes to get her because she was young and ignorant.

The US State department lays claim that “Ms. Hoda Muthana is not a U.S. citizen and will not be admitted into the United States. She does not have any legal basis, no valid U.S. passport, no right to a passport nor any visa to travel to the United States.” However lawyer for the Muthana family, Hassan Shibly, insisted Muthana was born in the United States and had a valid passport before she joined the Islamic State in 2014. He says she has renounced the terrorist group and wants to come home to protect her 18-month-old son regardless of the legal consequences.

Law and Crime a Dan Abrams Production agrees with Shibly. Stating on the Law and Crime website, “This matters here because Muthana is seeking to return to the United States. If she’s a citizen, she simply cannot be barred from re-entering the country. If it’s determined that she broke any U.S. laws–which seems fairly likely–then she should and will, of course, be prosecuted for breaking those laws. But if she’s a citizen, the government can’t simply declare that she’s not allowed in. That’s not how America works”

The Senate Bill 361 ads a different perspective to situation facing Muthana, citing, Under current law the State Dept. can revoke the U.S. nationality of Americans who formally renounce their citizenship, become citizens of or pledge allegiance to foreign nations, engage in hostilities against the U.S., or are convicted of treason. This legislation would expand that list to include the following actions as grounds for the loss of U.S. citizenship:

-Taking an oath or making a declaration of allegiance to a foreign terrorist organization after attaining the age of 18;

-Entering, or serving in, a foreign terrorist organization;

-Becoming a member of, or providing training or material assistance to, a foreign terrorist organization;

-Accepting, serving in, or performing the duties of any office, post, or employment under the government of a foreign state or political subdivision, or a foreign terrorist group if the person knowingly declares allegiance to that government or group.

What are your thoughts. Should she be allowed into the US for the possibility of facing charges of treason? Or should America be more compassionate and forgive her for her actions?

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Bob Menendez Threatens Police Action on Daily Caller Reporter

After being cleared from legal charges of bribery and corruption, Bob Menendez (D) New Jersey got some much unwanted press again. Apparently, Menendez thinks the press is worthy of police action.

In a fiery exchange between Henry Rogers of the Daily Caller, when Rogers asked Menendez to comment on the “Green New Deal” Menendez refused to answer. Following up with a question from Rogers intern, Menendez, had nothing short of a “temper tantrum”, calling the Daily Caller “trash”. Audio can be heard here.

“I am wondering why you won’t answer questions on the Green New Deal?” Rodgers asked.

Menendez responded with, “I won’t answer questions to the Daily Caller, period! You’re trash!”

Daily Caller reporter followed with, “Why do you think we are trash sir?”

“Don’t keep harassing me anymore or I’ll race to the Capitol Police,” Menendez responded.

Henry Rogers Daily Caller

Twitter was quick to respond to Menendez police action as James Woods, actor and political activist pointed out, “Democracy Dies in Darkness, unless you don’t like the news source, then call the police…”

James Woods on bob menendez

Dana Loesch, spokeswoman for NRA was quick to point out the hypocrisy making the claim, ” I was told that any criticism of the press was an un-American attack on free speech, though? Or has that standard changed?

Dana Loesh

Apparently, the congressman thinks its acceptable to grant an impromptu interview to reporters that paint his escapades in a favorable light, but an outlet that gives a more balanced view of congress is worthy of legal attention?

Did Bob Menendez over react, or is this going to be the new norm for Congress? Calling the police when confronted by a news outlet that they disagree with? We want your opinion. Feel free to leave a comment at

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White is the New Black?

Opinion piece ~Lynn Matthews
Several states are allowing people to change their gender identity. In fact there are entire legal firms that are helping people to legally change the identity they were born under to a different one. Moving away from the traditional ideology of boys born with a penis were classified as male, and girls born with a vagina, are classified as female. The rules have changed.
There are now gender rules. Rules for being born a certain gender, and rules for identifying with a particular gender. Rules for being born a particular gender, but identifying as another. According to Gender Spectrum, “Individuals do not choose their gender, nor can they be made to change it.”
Applying that logic, one could make the assumption on the issue of heredity. Since individuals do not choose their genetic make up, nor can they change it, perhaps the rules of heredity should apply. One can not control the color of their skin, their facial features of square jaw, size of nose, nor can they control the texture of their hair. Just as one can not control the internal organs or lack thereof they were born with.
According to Cosmopolitan ” Someone who is genderfluid feels that their gender is fluid and can change and vary over time.” Why has no one considered making race a fluid issue? People can identify as one race at one time, and change their race varying over time.
Applying these principles would certainly make the issue of cultural appropriations more acceptable. As in the case of Rachel Dolezal, an American civil rights activist known for claiming to be a black woman while being of European ancestry and having no known African ancestry.
Even Elizabeth Warren, coined by President Trump as “Pocahontas” for claiming Indian American heritage would greatly benefit from a policy such as race-fluid. Simply identifying as a particular race puts you into the category of that race.
Companies would no longer be required to participate in affirmative action hiring quotas from minority communities. Instead, everyone could identify as a disenfranchised race making the disenfranchised race a majority. Colleges required to have a quota of admitting minorities would no longer have to abide due to the fluidity of race. They could concentrate their efforts on finding an academically qualified candidate instead of looking to serve some quota of a particular race.
If people are legally able to identify as a different biological sex, because their biological sex is not under their control, why can they not identify as a different race or heritage, to similarly manipulate the system to their own benefit?

Border Security

~Lynn Matthews and JB Burns

Red Hot Media has taken a position on border security and we believe we have a plan that is a win-win for all parties involved to protect the nation from the incredible tax burden that has been plaguing our nation for several decades now.  Please read our proposal and give us your input.

Reasons for better border security and how to achieve it

According to, there are 12.5 million illegal alien residents living in the United States today.   “The Federal government spends a net amount of $45.8 billion on illegal aliens and their U.S.-born children. This amount includes expenditures for public education, medical care, justice enforcement initiatives, welfare programs and other miscellaneous costs. It also factors in the meager amount illegal aliens pay to the federal government in income, social security, Medicare and excise taxes.”

Federal Education:  $1,691,034,040

Medical Expenditures:  $17,135,594,572

Justice Expenditures:  $13,148,609,360

Welfare:  $5,849,236,360

Total:  $45,870,474,332

Regardless of the number of illegals crossing the border, the number living here, the cost to the federal government, the American citizen and tax payer is footing the bill.  These figures do not include criminal activity of unaccounted illegals working for cash.  The situation is, these figures are unsustainable for America. And the there needs to be a program that deters the illegally entry and taking of residence into America.

For the purpose of this proposal, we are not going to include loss of life, or human trafficking just statistics that are easily obtained via a search of government database and other related internet search engines.

The border wall is approximately 1,970 miles that separates the United States from Mexico.

Figures for a physical barrier between the United States and its southern neighbor vary according to data:  “In July 2016, Bernstein Research, a firm that analyzes material costs, put the price tag at $15 billion to $25 billion, for a wall that stretches 1,000 miles and is 40 feet high, which was Trump’s initial desired height.”

Department of Homeland security estimates the cost to build a more secure border is around $21 Billion.

Despite the high price tag for a more secure barrier between the United States and Mexico, the cost of securing the border to prevent the illegal entry of persons seeking to take advantage of American tax payers is priceless.

Here is what we are proposing to the president as an alternative plan for achieving a bipartisan deal to accomplish better border security.

The cost to implement a physical barrier would be approximately 21B.  The savings in one year alone would be approximately 20B given the figures above.

We believe we can get congress to approve the spending of such funds if the following were implemented.

  1. Grant citizenship to Daca recipients.  Since it was not their fault for illegally crossing the border.
  2. Amnesty with fines but no citizenship unless four years of service in military.
  3. Any illegal who have committed felonies do not qualify and should be deported immediately
  4. E-verify. For work, education, all visa holders.  Tie in work visa student visa to addresses and employment.
  5. End anchor baby citizenship if not a resident for five years prior birth of the child, and five years after. There should be no tolerance for people coming to the United States to have children born with American benefits who have no vested interest in the country.
  6. Immediate deportation for anyone overstaying visa, or committing a felony.  Including drunk driving. Suspend due process for the above said crimes.  And fully eliminate court costs for deportation hearings based on felonies committed.
  7. Harsh penalties for employers who knowingly hire illegals, who do not report to ICE officials when seasonal employment ends.



This plan must be sold a s a compassionate solution to a very long time expensive problem.  It would give the President leverage for wall funding as well as provide a compassionate response to the members of congress who want to eliminate any barriers between southern border and United States.


Thank you for your time,



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