In a Nut Shell

Whats Happening:

The Supreme Court decided to not take up two cases that would ban medicare funds to abortion groups.  A loss for Pro-Life groups, a win for the heavily government funded Planned Parenthood group.

supreme court

Time Magazine named Muslim brotherhood operative and political activist Jamal Kashoggi Time Magazine  2018 Person of the Year.

Kashoggi muslim brotherhood

Nancy Pelosi utilized her self appointed theology degree to declare the border wall between Mexico and the United States is immoral.pelosi-wall.jpg

France is on Fire due to increase in petroleum tax.  To account for a carbon tax, to combat global warming.  When asked about affording to drive to work, Macron said in his Marie Antoinette voice, “let them carpool.”

France on fire

Nuns just wanna have fun.  Two nuns from  St. James catholic school  in Torrance California are being accused of embezzling $500,000 and going to Vegas to gamble.

Nuns just wanna have fun


~Lynn Matthews

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