Scientists from NASA have landed another exploration on the surface of Mars.  It was a stressful moment while scientists tried to successfully land their vehicle on the surface, because the atmosphere of Mars is so different from earth, they had to carefully calculate how to slow down the speed of the “robot geologist”.

After the landing there was considerable amount of dust in the area making the lens of the camera very spotty.  Even Vice President Pence called NASA to congratulate them on a job well done.

There have been 7 successful landings of missions on mars.  However this mission is to explore the inner planet.  To determine whether its core is liquid, or solid. And also why Mars lost its atmosphere.

Scientists have determined that the surface of Mars once contained water and Mars had an atmosphere at one point in time.  This mission is to determine the inner workings of the planet. It will dig holes approximately 5 meters deep to determine the internal temperatures and to measure for Marsquakes.



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