Internet Slang for the Older Generation

Internet slang can be confusing, even for the most seasoned professional. Whether someone is a prolific social blogger, or occasional gamer, deciphering single letter acronyms can be as challenging as cooking a new recipe written from a foreign country.  So Red Hot Media has decided to introduce its readers to a few of the more common internet acronyms they may come across when reading posts.  

WTF          What the Fuck.   

WTH          What the Hell

LOL            Laugh out Loud

LMAO        Laughing my ass off

BRB             Be Right Back

ICYMI         In Case You Missed It

LOLZ          Laugh out loud with Sarcasm

IYKWIM     If you know what I mean

DIKY           Do I know you

WDTM        What does that mean

MERP          Meaningless word when you don’t know what else to say

IDC              I don’t care

IDK             I don’t know

SKUX          A guy whose really good with women

DNDC         Don’t Know, Don’t Care

4COL          For crying out loud

BTW            By the Way

IMO             In my opinion

TY                Thank you

THX             Thanks

These were just a few of the more common Internet slang and acronyms used on social media platforms.  If you would like a more extensive list, there are several internet sites that provide a more comprehensive list.  


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