Wake Up Voters

~by Dee W.

As we are now seeing in Florida, Arizona, Georgia and quite frankly I think several if not half the country cheating is rampant. Our voting process has to change . This election should be all the proof you need to see just how desperate the Democratic Party has become . The wake up perhaps some of us needed. We have a voting problem amongst republicans and the democrats are out raising us in money by millions. The globalist are hard at work to take your freedoms away. They want to control middle class America and we just can’t let that happen. I witnessed so many so called patriots that didn’t bother to go and vote. This has to stop.

Recently I spoke with someone that opened my eyes to just how many globalist are amongst us. I ask a question why they continue to go to bankrupt countries to vacation the answer took me back. I was told it’s not bankrupt for people with money and their friends that live in these bankrupt countries .. it resonated with me why. They have money and can visit these countries that are struggling due to socialism therefore they can travel there and live high going to 5 star restaurants and pay nothing. Most people with mega money in these socialist countries do not have all their money in their countries it’s in offshore accounts . Personally I see this as greed that they watch other citizens barely scrap by while they live high … I think I met a globalist in fact I know I did because they only care about themselves . The goal is to turn USA into a socialist country . It won’t affect them .. they have plenty. As you may be aware Oprah Winfrey is worth 3.2 billion yet she doesn’t build shelters in her own city to help the homeless or build schools or provide education for the poor instead she spends millions to try to get a socialist elected as governor of Georgia. She gives marital advice yet has never been married . She gives parental advice yet has no children . Should you listen to her? No Take a look at all these billionaires that pay protesters to destroy , burn their own cities , demonstrating hate every chance they get and let’s not forget try to cheat us out of an election . We have to get more vigilant and start standing up to all this hate. We have to show up like patriots did in Broward County and demand we not be cheated out of elections and find a way to make sure we have a fair process not going to jails and registering people doing time .. felons , we have to stop the dead from voting and illegals. This is America we aren’t use to feeling we can’t trust our process . Now we know we can’t trust . We have to not just show up at rallies we have to make sure we use our right to vote and actually show up to vote … we have a voting problem even though it may not be as bad as we think once cheating is stopped . In the meantime we can’t get complacent and blow off standing in line


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