Floridagate -the Electronic Chad

~ Lynn Matthews & Tim Walsh

Back in 2000 the anxiety during a tight presidential race was amped up in Palm Beach Florida, causing the controversy of the “hanging chad”.  The entire presidential race was determined because a few votes had a little tag that didn’t get punched through a machine, thus resulting in a non-count.

Eighteen years later, the case of the missing votes is occurring again in the State of Florida.  This appears to be a reoccurring theme in Florida, specifically where it concerns one particular person.  Broward County election supervisor Brenda Snipes.  According to the Washington Examiner, “Snipes team was counting ballots past a mandatory reporting deadline, and would soon after “discover” bags and boxes of ballots left behind in the back of cars, school classrooms, and elsewhere, completely disregarding the chain of custody which secures these votes as legitimate.”

Alan Michaels, election worker in New York was explaining how the “chain of custody” should work to ensure a fair and accurate vote.  The votes, he claimed “need to be secured by two parties validating each transfer from the polling site to the board of elections.  Certifying each transfer is accounted for”.  Any seal that is broken on the machine, must be tagged and accounted for by each party running.  The fact that ballots were discovered in schools, and the backs of cars in boxes, unsealed; reveals that the rule of law to ensure these ballots were not tampered with had been completely disregarded.

Snipes tenure has been mired in controversy, when in 2014 and 2016, a slew of violations had taken place.  Where she had been fined $150,000 for violations that had occurred from her mishandling of votes in the county.

If that isn’t bad enough, two contenders, Gillum and Nelson are insisting on counting the votes of non-citizens.

Illegals voting

Michael Barnett, the chairman of the Palm Beach County Republican Party. Barnett sent BizPac Review part of the transcript from the proceedings showing attorneys for both Gillum and Nelson objecting to tossing out a non-citizen vote.

To vote in Florida, on must be at least 18 years of age, a citizen of the United States, and a legal resident of Florida and in the county in which he or she intends to vote.  Florida permits no-excuse absentee voting and early voting.  Florida provides for online voter registration.  Voters in Florida must present both photo and signature identification at the polls.

Florida Law makes illegal voting practices a felony.  104.26 Penalty for destroying ballot or booth, etc. … 104.42 Fraudulent registration and illegal voting; investigation.

The occurrences in Florida, lead Red Hot Media to believe that there was both ballot tampering as well as fraudulent registration of non-citizens occurring in the State.  We believe that the Florida Board of Elections needs to re-engineer their registration and purge dead voters from their roles. Citizenship should be proven, and the antiquated honor system should be dissolved.  These types of mistakes, unaccounted for lead to malfeasance in election tampering. Only when we have a fair system of voting can Americans have confidence that the system works.

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  1. If Florida has no excuse absentee voting, no early voting & requires photo & signature ID. Has laws making illegal voting a felony…. Why do problems always happen in Florida?
    There are laws that state counting votes after 40 hours are invalid, why does Florida always find boxes etc. of extra ballots? Is there a way to check timing on them?


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