2018 Midterm Election Results

It was a hotly contested race for majority, most of the Results are in and the Democrats have regained the majority in the House of Representatives, Republicans have retained the majority in the Senate.

Most notable was the Senate Race in Texas, where Francis “Beto” O’Rourke tried unsuccessfully to unseat incumbent Ted Cruz; spending a fortune on this race.  Cruz managed to get the majority of Votes for a republican Senate victory.

Claire McCaskill, was unseated after having a semi-permanent position in Missouri.  She campaigned on being a moderate democrat, however several people in her district would vehemently disagree with that statement.  The winner Josh Hawley, will serve as one of the youngest members of the Senate.

Rick Scott of Florida, has declared victory, despite the fact that his competitor, Bill Nelson has not yet conceded.  There is the possibility of a run off race due to the highly contested issue.

A stunning upset in Tennessee, where Marsha Blackburn received more than 54% of the votes, despite pop star Taylor Swift was outwardly calling for her loss.

One of the biggest upsets, however was in the Florida governor race.  Extremely tight race where millions of dollars were spent on a candidate Andrew Gillum, a socialist opposed to police officers, an advocate for higher taxes, and open borders.  He was heavily funded by George Soros, as well as Tom Steyer, he lost to Ron DeSantis.

California, retained its senate fixture Diane Feinstein, even though her opponent was another democrat.  Gavin Newsome a democrat will take the governorship replacing Jerry Brown.  Even counties once known as republican strong holds, such as Orange County have turned the tide and voted democratic.  Dana Rohrabacher long term Republican lost to Harley Rouda.

Political activist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won her district, despite her inability to understand how unemployment or health care function won United States House of Representatives for New York’s 14th congressional district.

Socialist and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders managed to hold his Vermont seat.

For a full list of house and senate wins and losses, click here:

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