“Make the Judicial Branch great again; Vote conservative

By Alexandria Jane

The Bar Association is part of the Nomenklatura, I’m sad to say. This doesn’t mean that everyone with a law degree is a lunatic social justice warrior dispensing legal opinions and verdicts based on intersectionality theory instead of the constitution. Search UC law schools. You must think a certain way in almost every law program; UC law schools exclude conservatives by offering programs that would force a conservative to compromise their integrity just for a degree.

And now the bar association has social justice cancer. When I encounter people who say that totalitarian communism isn’t flourishing in America, I’m reminded of why the Nomenklatura is such an effective tool for any totalitarian regime to maintain itself. People are heuristic. It’s easier to have faith in a corrupted bar association than admit that you’re wrong and seek the truth. This is why religions are so successful; cognitive dissonance. I’ve met a lot of people who refuse to admit they’ve been duped.

UCs are part of the Nomenklatura. You’ve read my other posts, I hope. So you know that i know that UC’s are anti-American national socialist indocrination camps. Not only should they be defunded, but EVERYONE involved in the treason that is the UC system to perpetrate the status quo and make it worse, they should all be tried for treason. Federal employees take an oath to uphold the constitution. UC’s are doing the opposite. UCs MUST BE DEFUNDED!

Funding UCs is funding the destruction of America. And this treasonous fake edumacation mafia is after our court systems. Heck, some of these nut-job commies are already judges. They’re being used to bypass the legislature, to make law instead of interpret it. We have anti-American court cases that are like legal tests, patiently hammering away at the courts as good judges are gradually replaced by chauffers and power hungry narcissists who really work for who they want to work for, not the law, and not you. One such national socialist attack on America through the courts is a case by a head of NASA, and he uses his granddaughter to push this scheme in court. I wouldn’t want to be his granddaughter. Grandparents are supposed to love us, not use us as a cute Trojan Horse to commit treason because the grandfather lost credibility among climate scientists for stagecrafting alarmism instead of respecting science. He used his granddaughter to reach a different audience, a scientifically illiterate audience. He’s still using his granddaughter. And the courts are slowly changing as colleges are fabricating law programs based on pseudoscience. The goal is obviously to destroy the constitution, to destroy America.

We can still vote for judges. We can push back on this treasonous commie takeover, at least right now. Conservative elected representatives will be powerless if our judges are UC commie scum useful idiots with laws degrees. This commie attack on America has compromised the Bar Association. The Judicial Branch has Culture Immunodeficiency Virus (CIV). Vote for conservative judges to stop America from getting full-blow American-values Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS); totalitarian communism.

Craig Huey’s election forum is a great resource to determine which judges in your district aren’t commie scum, which judges work for you and not the UN. I may loath nonsecular religions, but Huey is right about judges even if his audience is directed towards Christians. Look past prejudice and explore how he evaluates judges. It’s time well spent.

Meanwhile, UC’s are meddling in the midterm elections.

The time is now to defund this treason. Defund UC’s and CSU’s, arrest the leaders of UNESCO, end the department of edumacation, and arrest the treasonous villains who actively and deliberately use colleges and universities to destroy America.

President Trump, where are you? Why are you enabling this treason?


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