Salem Witch Trials – Again?

It happened in 1692, and perhaps was one of Americas most horrific incidents of all Times.  Two young girls reported to have been possessed by Satan, which led to a mass hysteria that resulted in the deaths of over 200 people.

The Satanic possession, was so prevalent, even those defending the accused were later accused themselves.

According to the History Channel, “The infamous Salem witch trials began during the spring of 1692, after a group of young girls in Salem Village, Massachusetts, claimed to be possessed by the devil and accused several local women of witchcraft. As a wave of hysteria spread throughout colonial Massachusetts, a special court convened in Salem to hear the cases; the first convicted witch, Bridget Bishop, was hanged that June. Eighteen others followed Bishop to Salem’s Gallows Hill, while some 150 more men, women and children were accused over the next several months.”

Today, we have a modern day Salem occurring in our country, where anonymous reports of evil doings have hit such a fervent pitch, our own government is turning itself upside down to decry, Impeach, drive the administration out, screaming at our government officials and calling them Nazi.  All without a shred of evidence of their involvement in the precepts of Nazism.

Association, with anyone who enjoys our current system of government is called a “white nationalist”, “misogynist”, “xenophobe”, “racist”, or other abhorrent names, once reserved for those who commit crimes against humanity.  These are such common terms now, that even the main stream media uses them with their microphone to cause animosity to anyone disagreeing with their ideology.

In relationship to the girls who created the hysteria, is a reference to the main stream media.  Their divisive tactics are perpetuating this media hype that all supporters of the current administration, anyone who agrees with conservative principles, and the rules governing our nation by our founding documents, have been exposed.  Even those who make jokes about them, are sought out and threatened by them as in the case of the young man who made a meme depicting CNN in a negative light.

The main stream media has created a hysteria about the President of the United States.  So profound that it would be easy to think that Russian operatives were sitting on the border of Canada waiting for the opportunity to rush into the country and take over the White House.  As so many of the media pundits have pointed out, “Russians interfered in our democracy”.  However, with the evidence obtained thus far, indicates, a few people made some fake social media accounts, and were playing with peoples heads like an online game where they played Live Action Role Player. (LARP)

Posting fake articles with the mission of sewing discontent.  The Russian Bots, orchestrated fake Rallies, and Americans attended.  Even though they had no knowledge of the Russian involvement.  One elderly woman was harassed after she posted about a Trump event, which was staged by Russians.  As Breibart reported, “A private citizen received online abuse after CNN tracked her down and publicly shamed her for unknowingly sharing a “Russian-coordinated event” on her Facebook page.”

Companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have altered their algorithms that allow Conservative outlets voicing their opinions regarding these atrocities of the main stream media have been silenced, or shadow banned, thus adding to the hysteria.  The gateway pundit reported, “In February, Facebook launched a new algorithm to ensure that conservative news would not spread on the social media platform. The algorithm change caused President Donald Trump’s engagement on Facebook posts to plummet a whopping 45%.”

The media has even went so far as to report false, misleading news, citing but not documenting studies only to perpetuate the myth of racism being alive in America.  Time magazine, once known for intriguing articles has entered the realm of fantasy when its editors allowed the following headline to be published.  Nearly 20% of Trump Fans Think Freeing the Slaves Was a Bad Idea.  The article quoted a survey, however the author of the article failed to enclose the study.  RHM was able to find this survey, and with respect to the Headline printed from Time found the article was written from a very loosely defined interpretation of the results.  Below are the results of the study Time magazine is referring to.

Time magazine bogus article

Its easy to see from the survey the misleading headline, as well as the article that followed.  However due to the fact that most people read, and distribute articles online without examining the content it is easy to understand the fear that people would feel by reading it.

Yes, Salem is occurring today, with the help of the main stream media and their constant never ending accusations of racism running rampant, the Hitler hysteria, as well as the Russian narratives, coupled with the inability of conservatives to point out the contrary, RHM believes that the Trials of the American public will soon begin.  Where the Main Stream Media acts, as Judge, Jury and executioner.


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