Does Political Party Matter ?

There has been a great deal of division in the United States, particularly centered around President Trump.  Trump led his campaign with the Message, “Make America Great Again”.  He made the promise of bringing back jobs, securing our borders, installing more constitutionalist’s on the supreme court. Making a fair deal for trade between Canada and Mexico, as well as from China.  He ran on an American First campaign.

Clinton ran an entirely different campaign.  One that ran on increasing the size of government programs. An ever increasing bureaucracy that despite the virtue signaling of her followers, would eventually turn the United States into a more European Union style of government.

While the majority of politicians who support the democratic party are seeking more government intervention, in such issues as immigration, controls over health care, controls over unions, and more government regulation concerning climate change, their ever increasing controls over government are reminiscent of the type of controls that seek to encompass every individual living within the borders of the nation.

Trump, on the other hand, despite the cries of the democratic party with respect to government intervention, wants to decrease the size of government.  He has overturned many executive orders initiated by the previous administration, and has vowed, for every regulation signed, two must be eliminated.

According to Real Clear Politics, “Democrats — once a reliable bastion of support for First Amendment rights — have largely abandoned them. (At least for conservatives.) In place of litigation and legislation to protect speech, Democrats now use their political power to silence speech they don’t like and compel that which they do.”

Democrats also seek to overturn the 2nd Amendment, “As passed by the Congress:A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” School shootings, have made it possible for this right to be called into question.  Claiming, the security and safety of the public supersedes the right of the people to defend themselves.

Republicans, want the rule of law applied to immigration, and believe that America is a sovereign nation and should have the ability to verify the identity of people entering the country and their intentions for entering our country.  On the other hand, democrats, have openly advocated for open borders, and the elimination of our Immigration Control enforcement agencies.

On the issue of health care.  Democrats believe that health care is a fundamental right.  Much like the rights enjoyed under the constitution.  Life, Liberty, pursuit of Happiness, and Health Care.  While, the issue of making health care a fundamental right, may appear to have incredible merit on the surface, no one is making the claim for proper health care.  Such as, a licensed health care provider who is adequately providing health care for the masses.  The right to health care, as provided as a constitutional Amendment would enslave doctors to the bureaucracy.  It would force medical schools to accept less than adequate students, into the field, and would greatly diminish the quality of the acceptable standard of health care.  It would however, greatly increase the number of lawyers seeking to sue doctors, because the current supply of doctors would be diminished.

Republicans, believe that health care an extremely important part of living in a free society, believe that health care should be an individual choice.  Whether to see a doctor, what doctor, and when when.  They are actively advocating for making health care a competitive field for insurance companies.  Thus lowering premiums, hiring better doctors and compensating such doctors for their expertise.

On the issue of Abortion.  Women’s rights advocates, side with planned parenthood in keeping abortion legal.  Citing the ability to seek and procure an abortion is a woman’s right to choose. On the other side of the coin, is Republicans believe that institutions such as planned parenthood, should not receive federal funding.  Citing that abortion clinics should not receive federal funds. And furthermore, because of their funding a political party, any funding from the government should not continue.  A good majority of Republicans believe that Roe v. Wade should be overturned, due to scientific advances in imaging and DNA analysis, they believe that life starts at a significantly earlier time in the womb than that which Planned Parenthood and Pro Choice supporters believe.  It is a very hot political debate, where it came to a head with the President appointing Kavanaugh to the supreme court seat.

The difference between the two parties is as blatant as night and day.  While one party advocates for personal responsibility, and financial independence, less government restrictions, the other party openly claims that bigger and more restrictive government would secure the nation and her interests.

It all comes down to one quote:  Benjamin Franklin once said: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”  What belief does your vote have at the ballot box?


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