Florida a State on the Verge of Socialism

Florida has always been a paradise for both retirement and small business.  They have a booming economy, run under conservative leadership, where even those who have retired and are living on a fixed income can live a full and enjoyable life. Florida has been considered to be one of the most free states in the union, with second amendment protections, and a very fair tax system that benefits both individuals and business.  That is about to change, and very rapidly if Florida voters are not aware of what is lurking behind the ballot box.

The race to turn Florida into California has begun, and is about to end soon, with Florida setting its sights on a more California type style of leadership.  Andrew Gillum, is running for Florida Governor.  Despite his claims of being a democratic leader, his policies reflect otherwise.  In fact, his policies are so far left leaning, that he has been labeled by conservative groups as a socialist.

Gillum, the nominee running for governor in Florida, is closely aligned with people who share a love of socialistic policies.  He claims to have a shared vision with Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders.

But what exactly are these policies that make Gillum so appealing to the many residents of Florida who have long loved freedom and conservative values.

Firstly and most importantly, Gillum believes that Florida residents should not have the “stand your ground” law.  Citing that the law was “reckless.”  Claiming that individuals defending their homes are “being judge, jury and executioner off their own subjective view that they’re under threat.”  He is strong opposed to conceal and carry.

Gillum believes that Florida’s low taxes are bad and that it’s a “myth” they attract businesses. He opposes using tax incentives to attract business: “Being a low-tax state isn’t as big a plus as some people argue, Gillum said, dismissing the idea that “just be the cheapest thing out there and companies will flock to you. It’s a myth.”

However, many companies currently operating under Florida low-tax status, would flee to other states to run their businesses.  The end result would be to increase the personal state tax rate, to accommodate for the loss in revenue from lost businesses.  Something Floridians have long enjoyed, and have not considered in the long term consequences of changing into a more government controlled state.

Gillum supports a minimum wage of $15/hr.  A proven failure of a failed failed system of requiring businesses to employ entry level positions far beyond their skill set.  If government mandated $15/hr wage, and its success was staggering, why not increase the minimum wage to $100/hr?

Having an mandatory increase of $15/hr, would cause the cost of all products and services to rise to cover the Cost Of Goods Sold.  This in turn, would result in an increase in every product, every service throughout the state.  From purchasing toilet paper, to buying a home.  Increasing the cost of entry level employees, to perform a job would require that more seasoned employees would demand a commensurate increase in pay to compensate them in an appropriate manner.  In turn, it is quite possible that there would be a decrease in employable people entering the job market, and most likely smaller businesses would be force to close their doors due to overhead expenses.  Again, making a case to have a state income tax to make up the loss in collected revenue.

Medicaid for All is another campaign issue Gillum is running on.  However, where does he anticipate the money coming from to fund this.  By increasing taxes on business, and thus trickling down to individuals.

Another troubling issue Gillum is running on is his Pro CAIR (Council on Islamic American Relations) anti-Israel agenda.  He has condemned Israel defending itself, and he called the decision to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem an “unnecessary provocation.”  He also aligns himself with radical groups that support efforts to boycott and sanction Israel. He even delivered remarks at a meeting of CAIR where they met to support a boycott of Israel’s economy.

Its easy to see how Gillum is trying to turn the Conservative state of Florida into a California hell.  Will he institute legislation banning straws as an order of business, or will he continue to play sycophantic puppet to his campaign contributors of Steyer and Soros.  Florida residents should be careful with their choice for mayor unless they want to start funding the “poop” patrol at their tourist attractions.


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