Zombie Apocalypse in the US

We can all remember when George Romero Night of the Living Dead when people arose from the grave and driven by the hunger to eat people who then became zombies themselves.  Truly one of the classic Horror shows of the past century.  There was no communicating with them, no reasoning with them despite having an eerily human appearance.

While Romero rendition of zombie is far from reality, a comparison to the mindless group think of the democratic party is not.  Zombie like protests have sprung up all over the United States, starting with the mindless chatter of women donning pink knitted caps, following the directions of a woman who supports a terrorist organization known to the world as Hamas.  These mindless zombies, chanted words led by some leader, and despite not understanding the meaning behind their actions, followed in a pattern reminiscent of Night of the Living Dead.

One particular example was a live feed from the Kavanaugh hearings where a reporter covering the event was followed by a particular man wearing a purple shirt.  He neither spoke to the reporter, or acknowledged his appearance, but instead followed him aimlessly around.  Never giving him a distance of more than two feet, the reporter questioned him.  No response was given to the Breibart reporter.  Just following him and interrupting anyone the reporter desired to question.  Yet, purple shirt guy, whooped with the crowd, and chanted the mindless slogans as instructed to do.

NO Justice No Peace

“No Justice, No Peace”, Justice for what exactly were they chanting about. At this post-election, pre-inauguration moment, another chief aim of a protest ought to be promising Trump and his cronies that we will not simply roll over and let them trample our civil liberties. Still being chanted by the democrats, RHM is curious as to what civil liberties President Trump has “trampled” on.

A quick google search of revocation of civil liberties by the Trump administration, led to an article from the ACLU.  Describing nothing more than actions they have taken against the president.  Many of the Lawsuits, filed by the ACLU go beyond the extreme of frivolous as several of their complaints filed, are within the jurisdiction of the executive branch of Government.  And some of the complaints filed are the exact policies the previous administration, for which the administration received great adulation.

My Body My Choice

A chant to show the unity for Abortion rights.  Or, specifically the Right to Choose. Giving women the right to determine if an accidental pregnancy is a fundamental right to terminate.  Roe V. Wade has long been settled in that women seeking to terminate an unwanted pregnancy is legal up to a certain trimester, depending upon the state.  However, as eerie as that concept is, women are given the right to determine if they want to become pregnant in the first place.  Contraceptives, are readily available to women, and in many instances, at a very low cost.  So, choosing to get pregnant or not is a right afforded to all women.

Love! Not hate! Makes America great

This mindless chant, despite the wording, seems innocuous.  However, given the policies of the democratic party along side of their BLM and ANTIFA cohorts, and their violent tactics to disrupt speaking engagements, setting fire to buildings, and destroying public property seems a bit hypocritical.  Much like someone beating someone telling them how great they are.

America has been taken over by a zombie apocalypse.  Mindless group think, and the pomposity that is accompanied by it.  The inability to communicate with anything more than pre-planned talking points.  America will be consumed by zombies.


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