~by Alexandria Jane


California has become a sci-fi horror movie. Brain eating, emotionless, psychopathic zombies are after our brains. There’s no brain that is unacceptable for their consumptive habits. Crack-head to Supreme Court Justice, they’re all part of the daily zombie-apocalypse buffet.

Brains, I want your brains! Actually, I want you to keep your brains, even if we don’t agree. I want you to think for yourself, to challenge me, to compete with me, so that we can all improve as a culture. Believe it or not, we can be immune to zombies that are after our minds. Ideas are like a free and natural immunization that will shield us from whatever force drives zombeism in the first place. For the forces behind the zombie apocalypse to be a more successful social disease, they use attitude inoculation to weaken our metaphoric cranium to consume our brains.

What is attitude inoculation? Attitude inoculations are like mental vaccines. We can label a syringe “Fake News Vaccine” and fill it with CNN and the NY Times, infecting minds instead of strengthening them. The left might describe attitude inoculation as planting any evidence that proves the left are treasonous scumbags into the minds of young people to prevent treasonous scumbag ideas from making them mentally ill social justice warriors. If I sound a little biased here, it’s because I had attended UC Irvine. I saw this played out every day in almost all of my courses. Attitude inoculation using pseudoscience and persuasion to generate more zombies has replaced valid science and valid philosophy in academia. I know. I survived the daily treasonous assault on America that is UCI, a campus funded with federal dollars to add insult to injury.

Thanks to globalism and technology, there are so many ways for zombies to consume the brains zombie-to-be victims. This effort to maximize the intellectual zombie population in America is easily advanced by globalism, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and other countries demanding censorship using social justice as a proxy to extort American social-media giants to cave in to anti-American values that human rights violators around the world enjoy.

(Maybe check out who’s on the UN Human Rights Council.)

Remember, ideas make us bulletproof to intellectual zombeism. The internet has been a fantastic realm of anarchy where information could flow with unbridled freedom. We could share ideas. We could learn from each other. We could congregate with our laptops and cellphones from around the world and put pieces of the global puzzle together to combat fake news. We could defend ourselves from misinformation and not be used to generate manufactured consent used by spiritually corrupted political leaders to commit crimes against humanity.

We were immunized by the internet.

So now there’s been an organized and orchestrated attack on the internet to prevent us from having access to ideas in order to defend ourselves from the unimaginable evils that are already taking place globally as the result of UN policy and human trafficking. Hate speech has been fabricated by the UN, a proxy for censorship. Here we have the evilest entity on Earth defining what hate speech is to penetrate and control social media around the world. The war on terror, which is really the continent of Africa still fighting for economic freedom and sovereignty from the crooked European Union which rapes the continent of Africa every day and then cries victim when African’s fight back, is being used to censor us, to prevent oppressed nations from being able to organize and fight back, much like how slaveholders didn’t want their human chattel to be able to communicate with each other so they’d buy slaves who spoke different languages, lest they plan to escape by any means necessary.

Now we are seeing social media become even more oppressive. Google uses bogus definitions of hate speech to cut off advertising revenues for conservative channels. They’ve set up a culture of community-based McCarthyism to facilitate banning any speaker who challenge the nomenklatura. (Google also has a monopoly on UC’s.) We witnessing and survived the UN digging its filthy treasonous barbed stingers into our culture by hosting on our government agencies, our media, and our schoolsin an attempt to steal our last presidential election. Trump still won. The UN must blame social media for their candidates; Clinton, Sanders, and Stein; losing the 2016 presidential election, explaining why they are so intent on buckling down on social media. They want us all to be intellectual zombies. And if ideas are the only way we can resist being taken over by the UN, the only way that America can be strong, then we should be very concerned with actions taken by social media giants to censor us.

We can’t keep running from this zombie apocalypse and ignore the obvious fact that the UN has been using social justice to destroy America one stupid college student with a degree at a time. We need to take it upon ourselves to be informed citizens and read legislation as each Democrat tries to destroy our state and our country with underhanded legislation designed to serve the UN and not us. We need to be trying to save America from this UN-led intellectual and philosophical zombie apocalypse however we can without becoming violent intolerant social justice zombies ourselves.

Know what we’re up against. We aren’t dealing with privately-owned businesses anymore. We are dealing with global corporate enterprises affected by global law and global financial retribution/extortion for being American and supporting American values in their business practices. We need leaders who know this, who don’t work for the UN. We need leaders who work for us. This is my message to all California voters. Vote for leaders who will represent you, not the UN. Vote forAmerican values, not treason. Voting for Democrats today is voting for treason. It is treason to vote Democrat in California today.

Vote against treason this November 6th, 2018.

Vote smart. California isn’t completely dead yet.


By Alexandra Jane

I may write a follow-up to this. I was trying to stay on point about why censorship is occurring across social media and what we can do to fight back by comparing social media to a shedding disease and why we need to make sure our legislative representatives recognize how this anti-American monster hides in legislation before we vote for them. Some Republicans, like Rocky Chavez, work for this monster. Being Republican isn’t enough of a reason to vote for anyone today. Being Republican is not a vaccine to intellectual and philosophical zombeism. Even Republicans sell their souls to the devil.






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