Disbarred Attorney goes on Shooting Spree

Fred Hopkins a disbarred attorney in Florence County,  South Carolina went on a shooting spree killing one police officer, and injuring six others. Thirteen people in all were injured during the shooting.  The shooter Hopkins had barricaded himself in the house when police went to serve a search warrant.  Hopkins is also identified as a disabled Vietnam veteran, whom had charges of disorderly conduct in 2014.

According to BBC, the search warrant was part of a sexual assault investigation where by Hopkins 27 year old son, Seth Hopkins had been the subject of the investigation for assaulting Children in the home. Seth was also injured in the shooting.  There were children in the home at the time of the shooting.  Speculations from people who knew the family claim the family had several foster children,  a Florence deputy said the victim of the alleged sexual assault was a foster child in the home, WIS-TV reported. However, “none of the children living in the Hopkins’ home were foster children, according to Pam Bryant, spokesperson for the S.C. Department of Social Services. It is undetermined if the assault was a child in foster care.”

When Police pulled up to serve the warrant, they were ambushed by Hopkins, as senior law enforcement official described him as perched.  He picked off three officers, and when back up arrived, four more were shot. Using an M-14, he was dropping police from a hundred yards out.  Hopkins was considered an competitive shooter and had won competitions in South Carolina.  When officers arrived to assist, they were unaware of the fire power behind Hopkins.  The officer who died was 52-year-old Terrence Carraway of Darlington, who was celebrating 30 years on the police force.

The standoff lasted two hours, and ended when the children were released and Hopkins surrendered to the police.

Following the shooting President Trump Tweeted including a tweet from the Governor Henry McMaster of South Carolina.

Trump Tweet about Florence county sheriff

RHM is committed to bringing you the most accurate information regarding current news.  We will be following this story should there be any new developements.


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