Google Censorship is Strong

Opinion: ~Lynn Matthews

Under normal circumstances, I find opinion pieces to lack in form and substance.  However, today I am compelled to write one based on the fact that I was searching for factual information on a serious subject.  So I went to the first place that popped into my head and did an internet search on Lies told about Kavanaugh at the hearing.  And woah, boy did I discover something interesting.

First and foremost, the articles that were initially listed on my search were anything but that for which I was searching for.  In fact, instead of lies told about him, it was nothing but speculations of lies that he himself told.

This snapshot is the first list of Left winged propaganda propagated by the ABC company that owns Google.  The list is referencing James Comey, ex-head of the FBI, a notorious leaker of classified information.  Google censorship op ed

The reason to bring this up is simply the search engine that was used to look for the information was being divisive.  The exact search was Lies told about Kavanaugh at the hearing and the information being provided by the Google search engine was anything but the search request.  In fact, it was the exact opposite of that which was searched.

If we fail to demand that google stick by the search that is being researched, we will forever be doomed to not finding articles relevant to factual evidence that we depend upon for important decisions that affect our every day lives.


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