Rising Star – Ben Keene

~by Lynn Matthews

Rising Star Ben Keene a young man studying welding technology at Orange Coast  College, is the founder of Young Americans for Freedom Club chapter at the school.  A passion for education and inspired by the biblical teachings, he reached out to fellow students to join his organization to promote conservative values.

In addition to his hectic school schedule, and activities with Young Americans for Freedom, he is the director of outreach for “For Kids and Country” A worthy organization whose Mission statement is “Uniting, Educating, Engaging and Empowering Parents, Teachers, Students, Faith Leaders, and Citizens in the fight to restore America’s schools and culture.”

Inspired by his mother, Rebecca Friedrichs and author of “Standing up to Goliath” Ben recounted to me the motivation behind her story as a student teacher witnessing the power behind teachers unions; despite being forced to fund them as a teacher, they do not represent great teachers or students needs.  The book available on Amazon is available now, and the reviews on it are spectacular.  Rebecca was a driving force behind the supreme court case Janus vs. AFSCME where The Supreme Court ruled that such union fees in the public sector violate the First Amendment, overturning the 1977 decision in Abood v. Detroit Board of Education that had previously allowed such fees.

When asked about the biggest challenges facing the youth today, Mr. Keene replied, “apathy”.  Students today do not care about politics.  As one such student said to him, “I don’t do politics.”  His reply back was simply, “politics do you, from employment to living conditions and taxes.” Ben is always teaching how politics affects the lives of everyone.

Not one to back down from controversy, a mock election was held at his school, where the teacher asked who here is a republican.  Being the only student to raise his hand, the teacher scolded him as “soul-less.”  Even accusing him of having his parents cast his vote, Ben simply replied that he himself voted.

Ben has also an astute public speaker, as he has spoken at several events during the past year including a Bikers 4 Trump rally.  Hes an active member of Pass the Beacon,  an organization that helps college campus groups achieve true efficacy in outreach, messaging and events. as well as The Lincoln Club of Orange County.

Mr. Keene is a name to be watched.  Hes is a man beyond his years as far as political influence is concerned.  Described by his friends as “The keys to the College Kingdom”, Red Hot Media has him on their watch-list as a future leader of the Republican Party.

Ben Keene


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  1. Just what are Juneau that I will be in Tacoma the end of August.
    I’ll be up there for about a month and I guess still see my blessed T-shirt and stand for the flag in nail for the cross T-shirt in my Mega hat and whatever else I’ve got.
    That’s just wrong just because you are a person that is conservative they’re gonna call us white supremacist?
    I wonder what the Elle think about the army strong soldiers that I’ll be bringing with me.

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