Did the FBI ignore Clinton E-mails?

Today, President Trump tweeted the following:

Big story out that the FBI ignored tens of thousands of Crooked Hillary Emails, many of which are REALLY BAD. Also gave false election info. I feel sure that we will soon be getting to the bottom of all of this corruption. At some point I may have to get involved!

Trump Big Story 2

When James Comey, former head of the FBI closed the Clinton email case, it was odd, that a laptop, belonging to Clinton associate Huma Abedin containing 694,000 emails had been accounted for.  As James Comey told Congress,  “thanks to the wizardry of our technology,” the FBI was able to eliminate the vast majority of messages as “duplicates” of emails they’d previously seen. Tireless agents, he claimed, then worked “night after night after night” to scrutinize the remaining material.

This statement, according to General Flynn, was questionable as he tweeted: There R 691,200 seconds in 8 days. DIR Comey has thoroughly reviewed 650,000 emails in 8 days? An email / second? IMPOSSIBLE RT

Flynn email tweet

In an article from Real Clear Investigations, they lay out how the FBI soft peddled the Clinton email, despite assurances from the FBI that the emails were simply duplicates of those that Congress had already seen.  Citing that, “a technical glitch prevented FBI technicians from accurately comparing the new emails with the old emails. Only 3,077 of the 694,000 emails were directly reviewed for classified or incriminating information. Three FBI officials completed that work in a single 12-hour spurt the day before Comey again cleared Clinton of criminal charges.”

According to Michael Biasello, a 27-year veteran of the FBI, “There was no real investigation and no real search, It was all just show — eyewash — to make it look like there was an investigation before the election.”

Although Republicans are trying to get a special counsel to examine the Clinton email case, there is a statute of limitations that may make this examination a bit tricky.


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