Make the Valley Great Again

Life long resident of the San Fernando Valley Mark Reed has been a heart broken witness to its steep decline.  He claims that years of politically-driven mismanagement has allowed for a slew of issues to fester and grow.  Three such issues on the top of Marks list are the increased rate of homelessness, rampant drug addiction and the subsequent spike in crime.  Reeds first move has been to take a vocal stand against the self-serving politicians who serve their careers and political allegiances over the people of SFV.

Red Hot Media had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Reed as to his reasons for running for the 30th District Congressional seat.  We discovered some interesting facts about this actor, small businessman, rancher, father and grandfather of ten. First and foremost he’s a staunch advocate for conservative principles as a strict Constitutionalist.  He believes that our “rights” are granted by our creator, not by the Government.

Down to the Issues:  The San Fernando Valley has been plagued with homelessness, which is reaching a tipping point. Reed claims that a major factor in the uptick in homelessness is the rise in drug addiction.  His comprehensive plan to combat both homelessness and drug addiction is outlined here.  The funds for Reeds Program are already available in the federal budget, however, up to this point have been appropriated to other states already engaged in related rolled-out programs.

Mark believes that focusing on the root causes of drug abuse/addiction and homeless is the only way to have a positive impact – and is significantly less expensive than the $78,000 spent yearly to incarcerate those stuck in its web. He strongly believes that a substantial increase in mental health initiatives, backed by the re-opening of short/long term mental health clinics is a major step in the right direction.

Helping America’s veterans, is a cause close to Mark Reed’s heart.  One goal in his cross-hairs is the re-opening of the Sepulveda Veterans Administration.  The Sepulveda VA has had to close their doors to emergency treatment and has substantially limited its surgical treatments, forcing some veterans to drive more than 60 miles for care.  Reed wants to restore the Sepulveda VA back to a fully functioning hospital for our grossly neglected veterans, providing our heroes the help they need – and so very much deserve.  Currently, the psychiatric division has 6,000 patients with three qualified staff.

One of the most dire and telling  issues Mr. Reed conveyed to Red Hot Media is current attack on our First Amendment, and his desire to reclaim it.  He addressed the FCC years back where he discussed Vertical Integration and Media Consolidation.  Unfortunately, according to Mark, due to self-serving political agendas across the board, nothing has changed.


Comments made by Mark S. Reed before FCC Commissioners Michael Copps and Jonathan Adelstein, August 31, 2006 Los Angeles:

Control information and you control the nation.

That was the theme of my testimony before the FCC several years ago, when I spoke on behalf of the Screen Actors Guild.

More than ever, it’s my theme today— because in the years since then, fewer and fewer people are controlling more and more of America’s media. And we rely on America’s media as our source of diverse information!

But with fewer people now controlling our media, that diversity is being lost—not racial diversity, but the kind of diversity that is key to American survival—the diversity of ideas.

With fewer people now controlling more media, we’re being denied diverse Information— herded into uniformity—the uniformity of thought that is parent to tyranny.

We ask the FCC to help us prevent that tyranny of uniform thought. No time to waste.

We need help now!

Folks—in a few days, it will again be September Eleventh. We are still under attack.

Our borders are weak, our people are confused, and the information we get is controlled—opinionated and sanitized.

If we are to survive, we must have balanced information—so we can think about it—so we can debate it and dissent. I know what I’m talking about. I’m an American Indian, descendant of an ignored people—and I’m a proud American citizen.

What was once Indian country is now our American nation which—like every other nation on earth—is a nation of immigrants.

But our America is unique—because it is founded on diverse ideas as much as diverse races. Without our diversity of ideas, based on open information, we American citizens will certainly lose our liberty.

Control information, and you control the nation. It’s happening now and it must be stopped.

Mark Reed Can be reached:

Facebook:  Mark Reed for Congress

Phone: (818) 378-4370

To donate to Mark Reed For congress: please visit

Mark reed Congress full pic



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