The Gatekeepers

Censorship on Social media is hitting an all time high if you engage in any conversation that centers around issues supporting conservatism, pro-life, pro-Trump, pro-American, anti-illegal immigration, and free speech.  It has reached such a fervent pitch, that many conservative opinion pieces are deleted and the writer banned for a period of time as punishment.  Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram have banned several sites or have diminished the views of these sites to the point that very few have seen them.

Twitter, at one point wouldn’t accept videos from Dan Bongino even though he was paying for them to be sponsored content on their site.  Prager U, a well-established conservative site, with videos explaining how the constitution was written, as well as some pro-life content, has been censored to the point where no one except the most ardent followers of civics can view them.

Activist Mommy, had her Twitter account suspended after she criticized a Teen Vogue editor who approved of publishing an article that encouraged youth to have anal sex. Grace Johnson had her twitter account suspended under Twitter terms and conditions of harrassment, for criticizing the editor of Teen Vogue for promoting Anal sex for teens.

Marsha Blackburn, Republican Congresswoman of Tennessee had a Twitter Ad censored because of her Pro-Life stance.  Talking about de-funding Planned Parenthood.

Who are these gatekeepers who seek to censor conservative opinions or any opinion that isn’t in line with a progressive liberal ideology.  According to Capital research group, The Southern Poverty Law center is responsible for a good deal of censorship found on social media giants today.

Posing as a civil rights watchdog, the SPLC lumps mainstream conservatives in with fringe extremists, white-supremacists, and neo-Nazis as a matter of policy. According to the SPLC, opposition to open borders and multiculturalist initiatives is indicative of hate, and all political expression of those views is “hate speech.”

From the Southern Poverty Law Center they  define a “group” as an entity that has a process through which followers identify themselves as being part of the group. This may involve donating, paying membership dues or participating in activities such as meetings and rallies. Individual chapters of a larger organization are each counted separately, because the number indicates reach and organizing activity.

The SPLC has been so successful in their financial ventures, it is reported that, “The Southern Poverty Law Center is stockpiling close to half a billion dollars to blacklist conservatives, slander its critics, and redefine what “hate” means in America today.”

According to the Federalist, “SPLC is not a legitimate arbiter of public discourse. It poisons public discourse for profit. Its business model is to target groups and people, sometimes with baseless smears, to gin up fear and anger so people send SPLC gobs of cash it largely doesn’t use to benefit the oppressed.”

If social media organizations such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram are ever going to regain a following amongst conservative outlets, or conservative followers, they will absolutely have to eliminate the SPLC as one of their fact checkers.  The other alternative would be for conservatives as well as balanced individuals to find a different social media network in which to advertise, promote, and share opinions without censorship.

In America, we are under the supposition of free and uncensored speech to the extent it doesn’t promote terrorism, or obscenity.  However, opinions that are considered not supported by the SPLC will land anyone with opposing opinion a target of the SPLC.



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