Julian Assange Hero or Villan?

Julian Assange creator of Wikileaks posted Wednsday, “BREAKING: US Senate Intelligence Committee calls editor @JulianAssange to testify. Letter delivered via US embassy in London. WikiLeaks’ legal team say they are “considering the offer but the conditions must conform to a high ethical standard”.

The letter requests Assange make himself “available” for a closed interview with the committee “at a mutually agreeable time and location,” and to respond as soon as he receives the letter.

The Wikileaks founder has been living in the Equadorian Embassy in London since 2012 granted for political asylum.  He has had his residence there ever since.

Assange who has consistently denied any Russian involvement in the Wikileak’s dump that democrats are claiming was the pivotal point regarding Russian interferance in the 2016 elections.  They are claiming the reason for the loss of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

According to the Daily News, WikiLeaks founder would agree to testify as long as authorities promise they won’t prosecute him over his organization’s release of highly classified U.S. intelligence.

CIA director Mike Pompeo, stated at the University of Texas, ” Wikileaks is a stateless hostile intelligence unit ready to do the bidding of Russia and other adversaries of the United States”.

Wikileaks has in the past released the names of 9000 ICE agents along with their photographs in an information dump, citing the separation of children at the border is the reason for his actions.

In addition, an article from the Guardian claims Wikileaks has published sensitive personal data of ordinary citizens, including their medical records.  It also published the identity of a Saudi citizen who was arrested for being gay.



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  1. I have no clue what is real and what is fake with wikileaks…..as the name sayds…LEAKS. But the 9000 ICE agents and their info is adirect violation of National security…..SO WHO IS GIVING HIM THIS INFO..They should be brought up on espionage charges becuse they have broken national security laws and I believe HIPPA laws also

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