US Restores Sanctions on Iran


Sanctions that had once been suspended under the 2015 Iran nuclear deal have been reimposed by the Trump administration.  These sanctions will snap back on Tuesday morning at 12:01am.

According to the Trump administration:  “penalties that were lifted under former President Barack Obama will be rigorously enforced until Tehran radically changes its behavior, including the funding of terrorism.”

The Washington Times reports: A senior administration official said Monday that the snap back of these sanctions “supports the president’s decision to impose significant financial pressure” on Iran and cut off its ability to fund terrorism and “export revolution” throughout the region.

The president has long stood by the Iranian people against their governments hegemonic ambitions, however many are skeptical about imposing sanctions to cripple the economy of Iran through sanctions. These sanctions include but are not limited to sale of graphite, aluminum and software to and from Iran.  Iran will also be prohibited from using U.S. dollars, the primary currency used in international financial transactions and oil purchases.  Also, Trade in metals will be banned as well as permits allowing carpets and pistachios will additional be revoked.

According to Homeland security Iran is a  State Sponsor of Terrorism, continues to invest in proxy terrorist and militant organizations that threaten the Homeland and US interests and engage in activities that impede US counter-terrorism goals. “Iran provides support to al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Hezbollah, Hamas, and other terrorist networks.”

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Sanctions Image
More Sanctions for Iran

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