Happy Birthday US Coast Guard

Today, August 4th The United States Proudly Celebrates its 228 birthday.  It was Alexander Hamilton Secretary of the Treasury, who lobbied Congress to fund the construction of ten cutters, which it did on 4 August 1790 (now celebrated as the Coast Guard’s official birthday). Until the re-establishment of the Navy in 1798, these “revenue cutters” were the only naval force of the early United States.

The United States Coast Guard is one of the oldest and unique maritime uniformed divisions of the military.  Its jurisdiction for law enforcement is in both domestic and international waters.  During peacetime, it operates under the the Department of Homeland Security, however, it can become a division of the Navy should the President or Congress deem it necessary.  Twice it has been used as a division of the Navy, once in WWI and again in WWII.

Coast Guard Image


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