Trolling Trump’s Twitter

If anyone has ever went onto President Trump Twitter account, they would find a vast array of comments, stemming from extremely negative to extremely positive comments about how his presidency is affecting their lives.  RHM decoded to dissect the commentary of one of Trumps Tweets and is going to make some generalizations based of preliminary research.  Bear in mind that his Twitter account is dynamic and the count or results can change based off interest on the topic or a group of Social Justice Warriors just liking to post rhetoric.

The Results of his tweet 5 hours after posting this:

I would be willing to “shut down” government if the Democrats do not give us the votes for Border Security, which includes the Wall! Must get rid of Lottery, Catch & Release etc. and finally go to system of Immigration based on MERIT! We need great people coming into our Country!

Random sampling has identified 60 extremely negative posts with respect to the president.  Those posts include profanity, racist comments, pictures of the first lady in a negative light, posts that include rude references made about the first family and posts that use the term traitor, and or treason with respect to the President. At the time of this report the president had received 66K likes and 17K retweets.

Seventy-five posts that are negative but do not qualify as profane, mostly people repeating main stream media talking points, however they left out the profanity that accompanied those in the first category.

Sixty of the posts fell into the category of nonsense.  Those included Posts in foreign language that had nothing to do with the topic, or posts that showing irrelevant meme’s.  A good number of posts were people posting to see their twitter account on his feed and had nothing to do with what he was tweeting about.

Thirty posts were follow-up posts that gave Kudo’s to the president, and positive feed back as examples were “good job”, “build the wall”.

Finally, twenty posts were of extremely Patriotic value.  “God Bless you Mr. President”, “keep up the good work”, “America has your back” and other words of encouragement.

Of particular note is the number of positive posts that followed up by a twitter user calling out “bots”.   Those bot callers have threatened a good deal of Trump supporters, with reporting of their accounts, despite having several thousand followers and legitimate content posted on their accounts.

RHM is particularly concerned about the first category of information, the vulgar, irresponsible, disrespectful and bellicose commentary coming from a group of anti-Trump Social Justice Warriors.  What does this mean as a society, when people can up and type whatever perverse thing pops into their mind.  Yet given positive feedback from within their group for doing so.  Has society sunk so low, that any type of behavior is acceptable? Or has the United States been afflicted with some disease whereby it is now acceptable to disrespect anyone over anything regardless of the reason.



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  1. I feel this examination of one of POTUS posts is of extreme concern and urgency. These what I call “Trump hater’s” do not care about the State Of The Union, but just personality bashing. I find between the 2 camps that the Liberal Dem Trump haters are way more vulgar, argumentative, attacking Which makes them look like cornered RATS. so far with all the communication i have on Twitter, the Libs use undermining tactics to try to stifle any type of educated conversations. I have vast experience in Intelligence and 6 years of college in a technical capacity. I constantly and consistently get harassed by Dem Libs about my spelling and grammar, and also try to attack my intelligence. They never speak of the issues but just personal attacks on Patriots and POTUS any way they can. I even had a so called know it all telling me about my past special passport and on Official business for the government of the United States..lmao These haters are truly over thew edge and need some heavy metal health meds or even a lobotomy is in order. If we do not all get out and vote..One day these haters and socialists will allow our country to be overrun by an enemy state………..God help the true Patriots of America!!!

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