Great News for America

With so much negativity surrounding the United States today, Red Hot Media has decided to call out some of the most positive news affecting our nation.  The first of which is the growth rate of 4.1 % for the second quarter this year.  According to Associated Press The U.S. economy surged in the April-June quarter to an annual growth rate of 4.1 percent. That’s the fastest pace since 2014, driven by consumers who began spending their tax cuts and exporters who rushed to get their products delivered ahead of retaliatory tariffs.

The Remains of 55 cases of war remains, Americans who died during the Korean War are being flown home.  This is wonderful news to the relatives of those who died in North Korea, that they may finally put their relatives to rest, and also, that our soldiers remains will be buried on American soil.  A stunning event given the tensions over the North Korean foreign policy. U.S. Forces Korea commander Gen. Vincent K. Brooks in a statement from the U.N. Command called the retrieval mission successful. “Now, we will prepare to honor our fallen before they continue on their journey home.”

Also, net positive for United States foreign policy is the reports that North Korea has begun to dismantle its missile-engine test site.  According to New York Times, North Korea has started dismantling a missile-engine test site, as President Trump said the North’s leader, Kim Jong-un, promised he would during their historic summit meeting in Singapore in June, according to an analysis of satellite imagery of the location.

And in a stunning victory over Trade is the European trade deal with the United States President Donald Trump on Wednesday said he struck a preliminary deal with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to ease trade tensions and avoid a full-blown trade war with the European Union. The European Union as agreed to import more soy beans and liquefied natural gas.

These are just a few examples of American having some incredible victories in the second quarter.



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