Congressional Candidate gets removed from Bar

Congressional candidate Joey Gibson, stepped across the bridge from Washington to Vancouver at the Brick House Bar, sits down to have a drink.  When the waitress who recognized his face attacked him with verbal assaults claiming he is a “white-supremist” and making fun of his cap which held the name Jesus.  Promptly, she went running to security at the bar as though Mr. Gibson were brandishing a weapon in her face, and was asked to leave.

Joey Gibson, is running against Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Washington, an extremely popular 3 term incumbent with a relatively large amount of money backing her up.  However, as Joey has stated, “miracles happen in America  every day.”  Gibson has an interesting life of his own.  Once down-trodden, he picked himself up cleaned up his act because he was going to coach football, and now is making a living flipping houses. His campaign message Freedom First is growing strong despite the rhetoric from left-wing activists.

Gibson does not advocate for violence, in fact he is a peace loving American citizen who believes in the 1st Amendment.  However, in a phone interview with RHM, he believes that Christians and pro-Americans need to push back against the progressive communist agenda.  And his group often goes into areas that are controlled by leftist politics.


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