Portland Brawlers

June was a hot month for protesters in Portland.  The Daily Beast, a left wing establishment media source reported on a title-bout between Antifa,  and a group called Proud Boys.  The two groups met head on in Portland in the month of June when a Antifa terrorist attacker swung a baton at unarmed Ethan Nordean.  Nordean responded by landing one hook to the head knocking him out flat on the street.

Needless to say, Nordean has received some notoriety over the “knock-out” punch and has appeared on talk shows such as Info Wars hosted by Alex Jones.  Nordean has been so successful in his agitating members of Antifa that Eugene Antifa has called for a boycott of his families business and other things.

August 4, 2018, a group of protesters will ascend on the streets of Portland in an event called “Freedom March“.  Freedom March led by Congressional Candidate Joey Gibson will be travelling to Portland to spread the word of freedom and God.  It is anticipated that Antifa will be in there waiting to confront.  Freedom March has been labeled by  Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate watch, despite preaching love and love of freedom.


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