Socialism: The United States is Re-writing its Value System

~by Lynn Matthews and Tim Walsh

Socialism as defined by Encyclopedia Britannica is: “social and economic doctrine that calls for public rather than private ownership or control of property and natural resources. According to the socialist view, individuals do not live or work in isolation but live in cooperation with one another. Furthermore, everything that people produce is in some sense a social product, and everyone who contributes to the production of a good is entitled to a share in it. Society as a whole, therefore, should own or at least control property for the benefit of all its members.

”​Sounds Great Right?  Everyone works for the common goal. The government owns all business, and businesses are to distribute the wealth of their endeavors among their employees. The state owns the means of production and everything is distributed equally.

 ​Millennial’s are seeking to overturn the current economic system of the United States and replace it with socialism.  Touting that capitalism produces a class of unfairness. They are demanding a free education, as well as free healthcare, via Medicare for all, and that private enterprise be taxed at such a high rate that eventually enterprise will leave the United States, or be forced to conform in order to remain relevant.

 ​While the current system of capitalism, has its flaws, it in no way is as flawed as that of socialism. Major Media, as well as social media giants are even pressing more and more towards a social type of socialism, whereby they are pushing ideologies that do not conform to the norm are more and more being pressed.  Commercials are now promoting anti-Aids medication, and making it appear that what Christians claim are aberrant behavior are now suddenly the norm.  Having multiple partners, as well as homosexual sexual congress is being pushed by the media as normal behavior.  Also, having an abortion is as normal as a choosing a house.

 ​Essentially, the United States is rewriting its value system, and using the Major Media and social media giants to push the message. Red Hot Media recently read an article, in the Mass Resistance, although it was written to normalize homosexual behavior, we believe that there are many common places whereby it is being applied to push Socialism. ​It lists out a plan to normalize homosexuality in a series of steps, but for this purpose we will adapt their paper to point out how it can be used to promote socialism.

 ​The first step is to desensitize people to the idea of Socialism.  By encouraging students from elementary schools to University level, to become desensitized to anything different. Eliminating individualism, and encouraging students to conform to a dress code where everyone at an elementary school level especially to wear the same shirt, pants, shorts.  Thus eliminating any sort of difference in appearance that could possibly separate them from the norm.  ​

Second Phase is shaming and disinformation.  Making people feel shame when they are not part of the pack. Shamming people for thinking differently when they object to certain aspects of an ideal that goes contrary to the public opinion.  For example, supporting Donald Trump.  It was the Major Media that coined the phrase, “Main Stream Media”, as a mechanism of shaming, to make everyone think and feel that any other source of information (other than themselves) are  “fringe” or “radical”, or even “conspiracy”  – like Alex Jones has been branded as.  This also “shapes” the narrative, and is manipulated to “manufacture” information that is consumed by viewers and information seekers into “Pseudo-Events”.  

Daniel Boorstin who may have been the first to suggest this idea in a book, published in 1961, titled The Image: A Guide to Pseudo-Events in America. In it, Boorstin recognized that simulation is a distinct social category, linking together many apparently disparate phenomena.​​Other examples of the Major Media shaming people or creating Pseudo-Events are like when commentators like Don Lemon openly calls our president a “racist” and shames publicly members of his administration who believe that he is contrary to their opinion.  When political rallies to be attacked by leftists; the media portrays anyone who has patriotic views of our nation as Racist, xenophobic, homophobic, misogynistic bigots.

 The Charlottesville riots were a prime example of the media creating a pseudo-event, declaring that everyone attending a rally in Charlottesville was a member of a White Supremacist organization when in fact that was NOT the case.  In essence, if you tell a lie enough, eventually it will assumed as a fact.

 Other pseudo events include where the Major Media have portrayed the violent acts of a group called ANTIFA as heroic for beating up alleged Nazi’s when there were no Nazi’s present. ANTIFA was in fact given accolades from the media for their efforts, in the name if “Anti-Fascism”, to use violence to stamp out anyone with an opposing opinion – Fascism defined.

​A few law makers have taken to admire, and in some cases openly advocate this violent social justice tactic of openly harassing and shaming others who do not follow the ideology of those that advocate for a more progressive platform. One such example is Maxine Waters of California where she calls on her constituents to drive anyone from the current presidential administration’s cabinet away from their daily functions.   Core Booker was even quoted as saying: ‘Get up in their face”.  Eric Holder even said “Kick Them..(when they are down)”.

​The third and final step is conversion.  This is where there is more coverage of those ideals that go against what Americans believed in traditionally, basically forcing them into finally accepting the inevitable outcome.  By promoting more and more a hatred of anything that goes against the narrative, and making social shunning of those individuals, either by violence or plain over load of senses, Americans will finally accept their place that socialism is going to be a mainstay in America.

 ​It is important to note that one of the objectives of  a socialist state is controlling media. The Social Control of the media.  Social Control referring to the measures used to ensure that people act in accordance with the expectations of the society.  Socialism takes into account the economic, political and social ideology of the society it infects. A socialist police state controls ALL media.  A complicit media is a controlled media.

​While America is predominately a fiscally capitalistic society, there are sectors of the economy that have government regulations to prevent such events as gouging during disasters.  Fire, Police roads are examples of Government controls.  However, there is a push to make the government the “big-brother” overseeing private enterprise into more governmental regulations and restrictions. Historically, when the economy has been pushed heavily in a socialist direction, it has required capitalist measures to provide relief.

 ​​“The ultimate goal of Socialism is Communism”  – Vladimir Lenin​​


Internet Slang for the Older Generation

Internet slang can be confusing, even for the most seasoned professional. Whether someone is a prolific social blogger, or occasional gamer, deciphering single letter acronyms can be as challenging as cooking a new recipe written from a foreign country.  So Red Hot Media has decided to introduce its readers to a few of the more common internet acronyms they may come across when reading posts.  

WTF          What the Fuck.   

WTH          What the Hell

LOL            Laugh out Loud

LMAO        Laughing my ass off

BRB             Be Right Back

ICYMI         In Case You Missed It

LOLZ          Laugh out loud with Sarcasm

IYKWIM     If you know what I mean

DIKY           Do I know you

WDTM        What does that mean

MERP          Meaningless word when you don’t know what else to say

IDC              I don’t care

IDK             I don’t know

SKUX          A guy whose really good with women

DNDC         Don’t Know, Don’t Care

4COL          For crying out loud

BTW            By the Way

IMO             In my opinion

TY                Thank you

THX             Thanks

These were just a few of the more common Internet slang and acronyms used on social media platforms.  If you would like a more extensive list, there are several internet sites that provide a more comprehensive list.  

Boy Scouts of America Social Engineering Hell

~Lynn Matthews

For the longest time, Boy Scouts was considered to be the social standard for a model citizen.  Honesty, integrity and respect for God.  A once proud organization, from cub scouts up to the highest rank of Eagle scouts has buckled under social justice engineering, removing the name “Boy” from its organization.  Now referred to as “Scouts BSA”.

In 2000, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that the policy of cis-gender, hetero normative boys could be upheld; they changed their position in 2013, to allow homosexual boys. In 2017, opened their doors to girls whom identified as boys, and now has lifted all restrictions to make the Boy Scouts a more inclusive organization.  Both Boys and Girls are allowed entry.

The Boy Scouts have a long history of patriotism and five previous presidents were members of the Boy Scouts.  Refrence lists John F. Kennedy was the first U.S. President to be a Boy Scout, reaching the level of Star Scout. Gerald Ford was the only President to reach the level of Eagle Scout. Both George W. Bush and Bill Clinton were Cub Scouts.  Even our previous president Barack Obama was involved in some sort of scouting agency in Indonesia, where he reached the equivalent of the Cub Scout.  

In 2007, Eagle Scouts accounted for:

  • 64% of Air Force Academy graduates
  • 68% of West Point graduates
  • 70% of Annapolis graduates
  • 72% of Rhodes Scholars
  • 85% of F.B.I. agents
  • 26 of the first 29 astronauts

Making this a long and time honored tradition of professionalism and trust. 


Nancy G. mother of two Eagle Scouts, told Red Hot Media, that “Scouting has been one of the greatest things in her boys lives.”  Their troop has been a close knit extended family.  She credits Boy Scouts with instilling a sense of community service, respect for country and peers and giving back to the community.  

Boy Scouts has been an oasis for her boys, where they could be boys. Developing the skills to be leaders among men.  Her boys have most definitely developed leadership skills learned in Boy Scouts.  One of her sons was tasked with funding a home-bound veterans group with I Pads so they could communicate with their family.  He went above board and not only raised enough money to finance five I Pads, but developed a power point presentation tutorial to teach the veterans how to use their technology.  One of the veterans so happy with his new technology claimed, “I can Skype my grandchildren and they can see me?” 

RHM asked Nancy what her opinion was about the Boy Scouts new policies.  Nancy explained her position of “Girls do not belong.”  She believes that having women in the Boy Scouts would emasculate young men. 

Putting boys and girls together, especially the older ones could possibly lead to unforeseen consequences, as well as take away the focus of developing into a young man.  

Teenage men typically will focus on women present, and may possibly be too embarrassed to try new different things, knowing they are being scrutinized by young women.  Removing emotional maturity, as well as self confidence.  

The Washington Examiner ran an article in October of 2017 detailing how allowing girls into the boy scouts, “is not only indicative of the toxic hold third-wave feminism has on large organizations and the people who run them, but demonstrative of a consolidated effort to eradicate the influence of boys and men on society. Simply put, it’s not enough to emasculate men or categorize them as predators or toxic, now we must equate them with girls in order to remove gender differences, and eventually men, altogether.”

Does allowing girls to enter Boy Scouts endanger the societal value of men?  Is there value in having an organization dedicated to just men, or should society eliminate gender based organizations all together? 

California Wild Fires Cause Climate Change

Climate change activist and Governor of California, Jerry Brown is responsible for the recent climate of controversy hitting the state of California.  The wild fires that are occurring in California are a direct result of of poor land management, of the forests that are abundant in California.

One fire alone, the Camp fire all but destroyed the city of Paradise California.  At the time of this report, 56 reported deaths,  138,000 acres burned, 10, 321 structures burned, with 8,756 homes burned.  

The Woolsey Fire in LosAngeles and Ventura County has destroyed more than 500 buildings and is burning at the same time of the Camp Fire.  

Surprisingly, Jerry Brown sticking to his climate change agenda, claims the devastating fires are the new normal due to climate change.  However, while he was on his world tour spouting the dangers of climate change,in 2016  he vetoed a bipartisan wildfire management bill.   The bill SB-1463 would have given local governments more say in fire-prevention efforts through the Public Utilities Commission proceeding making maps of fire hazard areas around utility lines.

According to “Supporting Obama-era regulations have resulted in the new normal: an endless and devastating fire season. Obama-era regulations introduced excessive layers of bureaucracy that blocked proper forest management and increased environmentalist litigation and costs– a result of far too many radical environmentalists, bureaucrats, Leftist politicians and judicial activists who would rather let forests burn, than let anyone thin out overgrown trees or let professional loggers harvest usable timber left from beetle infestation, or selectively cut timber.”

According to  National Centers for Environmental Information, Between October 2016 and February 2017 California has had the highest precipitation average since records began being kept in 1895.  The increase in plant life, and the hot dry summer has made California a tinder box of weeds and dead trees waiting for the right conditions to spark up a fire of apocalyptic proportion.  

While California has made progress in cutting its emissions of green house gases, the wild fires that have occurred due to the “wacko” environmental policies of Governor Brown have wiped out any progress made. 

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “The state agency that oversees most of California’s global warming programs — the California Air Resources Board — does not include wildfires in its annual inventory of emissions, the official scorecard of the state’s progress on global warming. When state officials talk about how much California has managed to cut its emissions so far, they don’t factor in wildfires.” 

This begs the question, why is Jerry Brown, who is the premier source of Climate hysteria touting his climate change agenda, when his record of actually trying to control the climate is so dismal?

Lessons in Federal Government

~Lynn Matthews and Tim Walsh

Federal Government has three primary responsibilities.  First and foremost, the security of our nation.  National security and national defense.  The second function of our federal government is that of securing individual liberty.  Liberty being defined as The state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views. The third is being justice, or law and order.

While the Government includes unity, justice, domestic tranquility, defense, promotion of the general welfare of the citizens and securing liberty for all, Mark Levin outlined the three most important functions. Stating, “That’s part of the civil society. You can’t have anarchy. You can’t have mobocracy, or the society can’t last. Or we’re just the jungle.”

Mark Funkhouser former mayor of Kansas City, Missouri, claimed, “Government in a democracy is essentially a conservative institution. It is responsible for creating and sustaining markets, enforcing contracts, protecting private property, and producing systems of education and infrastructure that allow commerce to function efficiently.”

Red Hot Media has been unable to find a reference to investigating a sitting president and his family for their financial transactions prior to his taking on the presidency.

There is also no reference in the constitution that allows for votes to be accepted by members of a foreign nation, despite the rantings of a “wanna-be” governor of Florida. There is no statute that defines democracy as a mob rules situation, but rather a society of law abiding individuals, whom accept that their legally appointed officials act on their behalf to determine what laws they are going to enforce.

Yes, the government is divided into three separate but equal branches:

Legislative Branch 

Consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate.  The two bodies represent Congress.  Their primary responsibility is to write laws. Not interpret, nor enact them, but to write legislation that serves the best interest of their constituents and Americans.

While the Senate and the house mostly do similar things the House is more representative to their constituents on a local level, while the Senate serves the people on a state level.

There are no term limits on either body, which RHM believes could lead to House or Senate members susceptible to bribery from special interest groups.  Particularly Non-Government Agencies.  And quite possibly foreign influences seeking favor from particular legislation that would benefit their cause.

Judicial Branch

Interprets the meaning of laws, applies laws to individual cases, and decides if laws violate the Constitution. It’s comprised of the Supreme Court and other federal courts.

The Supreme court, being the highest court in the land consists of nine members, and there must be a minimum of six members to decide on a case.  There are no term limits on the court, and members serve until they retire or die.  The president is responsible for appointing a supreme court justice, and the senate makes the final determination on the confirming or denying of the justice.

Executive Branch

Responsible for carrying out and enforcing the laws.  It consists of the President, Vice-President as well as the presidents cabinet.  The president, while being the chief law enforcer in the country,  is the head of state, leader of the federal government, and Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces.

What are your thoughts?  Term limits for Congress?  Term limits for Justices? If so why?

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