California Allowing Illegal Voter Fraud

Orange County California a strong hold of conservatism, recently had their county flip from Red to Blue after the 2018 election results rolled in.  What happened exactly is the question everyone is asking.  How could a county opposed to sanctuary status, and liberal policies turn from a conservative strong hold into a progressive held county.

To understand the issue in its entirety, you must look at California as a whole picture.  California is one of the most populous states, and has 53 representatives to cover their population.  It is a state that has a good deal of internal problems.  From border crossing, to high gas prices, from earthquakes, to wild fires, and of course San Francisco being labeled the “poo” capital of the United States.  Yet, the people of California are determined to keep the state one of the highest cost to income ration states to live in.

How could the people living there be so self absorbed as to not look out their window and see what is happening in their state.  Some media pundits claim the loss of Republicans is due to Trump.  Some even going so far as to make ridiculous claims that they wouldn’t support candidates running that supported the President.  However, the majority of the country disagrees with this theory.

Another theory given by the Washington Examiner is that Democrats outspent, out campaigned and were intimately involved in colleges and universities electing Democrats in their state.  Michael S.  resident of Orange County California told Red Hot Media, “my daughter was told in class to get to the polls”.  A similar sentiment from other college students around the state.  Basically bullying them into participating in the mid term election.

While the above theories may hold true as to why republicans lost the election in California, another issue that has been presented, and hushed up is that of ballot harvesting.  While Californians were basking in the climate of warm weather, sunny beaches, and mountains, Jerry Brown current governor signed, a change to the law AB-21 two years ago.  This change, even though a minor change allowed anyone from street sweeper, to pan-handler to collect ballots, and deliver them to polling booths. Also included are Provisional ballots for homeless, and “motor voter” registration for illegal aliens allowing them to vote on Federal elections, not just state elections. 

According to Ballotpedia, “Ballot harvesting: A person requests a mail ballot for someone else or steals a mail ballot, then uses that ballot and forges the intended recipient’s signature. Also refers to filling out a ballot for someone else who has requested assistance in filling out a ballot, rather than assisting them.  It is listed as voter fraud.

According to Town Hall, this law, referred to as ballot harvesting,  “amounts to an open invitation to large-scale vote buying, voter coercion, ‘granny farming,’ and automated forgery. AB 1921 solves no problem that a simple stamp can’t solve.”  According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “Election Day vote-by-mail drop-offs was unprecedented — over 250,000.”  With the population of Orange County being 3.1 million, 250,000 harvested ballots would surely play a significant role in who was elected to the house of senate.

At any rate, Orange County California has completely turned into a Democrat strong hold, and it will eventually be supporting sanctuary status to supplement their democratic votes.  Having a super majority in the state, rest be assured conservative legislation will not be considered and certainly not passed.

Did California new policy of ballot harvesting affect the election? We report, you decide.






Mueller Investigation: Ending the Probe that Never Should have Started in the First Place

By Lynn Matthews & Tim Walsh

Its been over a year since the Mueller investigation began looking into allegations of collusion or any kind of Russian interference in the 2016 election of President Trump.  So far the special counsel has indicted, charged, and brokered plea deals with several Trump associates for process crimes such as tax-evasion or lying to the FBI, charges that have nothing to do with anyone attempting to work with any Russians to interfere with, or change the outcome of the 2016 election results.

Robert Mueller even went into examining the tax records of Paul Manafort, a former campaign manager for President Trump; in an attempt to “flip”, or bully him into testifying against the president.  Having the FBI arrest him in an early morning home raid using SWAT team tactics that can be described as those they would use for a serial killer or foreign terrorist.  They did not have the proper warrant to do so until after the fact.

The Mueller Investigation went to investigating Michael Flynn, a United States Army Lieutenant General who served this country for more than 33 years. Mueller had the FBI place Flynn under arrest for allegedly Lying the the FBI.  Flynn was later cleared.

The most troubling issue, despite all the media hype, is the fact that Mueller is looking for a man to fit a crime that has yet to be discovered.  The firing of James Comey was used in an attempt to decry that President Trump fired Comey to obstruct justice.  Many on both sides of the political aisle called for his firing, some blamed him for Hillary’s elections loss.  It was James Comey who lied to congress with respect to denying leaking of documents, then later he admitted to leaking of documents to compel the creation of a special counsel.  An absolute double standard of the law.

Another significant consideration with respect to obstruction is that Rod Rosenstein wrote the letter to President Trump referring him to fire James Comey.  Then turns around and appoints a special counsel to investigate the firing of  James Comey as potential obstruction.  Because Rod Rosenstein wrote that letter, that makes him a fact witness in “the incident” of firing James Comey.  For him to oversee the investigation of firing Comey as potential obstruction is a severe conflict of interest.  One can easily argue its the textbook definition of conflict of interest.

While looking for a man to fit the crime, Mueller has went after Dr.  Jerome Corsi, author and Trump supporter for alleged ties with Wikileaks that he may or may not have had.  He has threatened Dr. Corsi with prosecution because Dr. Corsi forwarded an email to someone looking for a contact with Wikileaks editor Julian Assange.  When Dr. Corsi was allowed to amend his statement to the FBI due to his memory, they accused him of lying to the FBI.  Incidentally, one of the lawyers prosecuting Dr. Corsi is Jeannie Rhee, who was a member of the legal team defending Clinton illegal use of a private server.

Dr. Corsi believes that he has been ensnared in a perjury trap at the behest of the special council investigating him, and has filed a wrongful prosecution against Mueller.  Jeannie Rhee, Aaron Zelinsky, and Andrew Goldstein are the lawyers representing Mueller in the special investigation against Dr. Corsi.

Mr.  Zelinsky is no stranger for advocating for political hardball when it comes to the Democrat party.  His prior blog history which is no longer available is proof of his strong political bias when it comes to the Democratic party, and as the Daily Caller wrote, “he encouraged Obama to emulate the strong-arm tactics of former President Lyndon Johnson. “He wasn’t afraid to get down and dirty with the legislative branch, arm twisting, cajoling, and sometimes bullying senators to vote his way,” Zelinsky said of Johnson.”

Andrew Goldstein, who worked for Preet Bharara, the former US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, was fired by Trump.  His twitter account shows a particular bias as seen by his profile description.


Most importantly in the Mueller investigation is the legality of the appointment.  According to Todd Young, in an article published by Newsmax, “Robert Mueller and his band of erstwhile “Special Assistant United States Attorneys” have power to which they are not entitled — in violation of the checks and balances and separation of powers spelled out in the U.S. Constitution, full stop.

Mark Levin, radio host, and constitutional scholar called the appointment of Mueller unconstitutional and he even referred to it as a violation of the law. He pointed out that not only was the special counsel’s appointment not done in accordance with Article 2 Section 2 of the Constitution, but not in accordance with the Special counsel statute that lapsed in 1999, or even the DOJ Internal regulation appropriating a special counsel.

In many ways, with no initial crime to investigate, Robert Mueller should have never been appointed in the first place.

Should Congress shut down Mueller?  We report you decide.  Let us know what you think.




Are the Immigrants Invading the US/Mexico Border Fleeing a Holocaust?

In order to understand the comparison all one need do is follow the Twitter account of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  As she made the direct comparison to the Jews fleeing Germany to the plight of the immigrants allegedly fleeing South America and converging on the border of the United States and Mexico.

Dumb woman tweet

Red Hot Media giving miss Cortez benefit of doubt sat down to analyze the severity of her comment.  And has come up with an alternative to her hyperbolic statement.  In Germany under Hitler Socialist army, two thirds of German Jews were eliminated.  Placed in concentration camps, and death camps because the Germans under Hitler believed the Jews were an inferior race of people.

If miss Cortez were slightly more insightful into world politics and history she would realize that those concentration camps in Germany started as re-education camps.  The idea behind them initially was to crush political opposition.  Ironically, a member of the Democratic party once suggested Americans be placed into “fun camps” insinuating that no one finds people they disagree with to be fun.

National Socialist German Workers party was the party of Hitler.  Some historians have made the claim that it was a ruse on words, to entice people into joining the party, however, there is no evidence that “workers party” is anything but a socialist organization.  Which is eerily suspicious of coining the term “democratic socialist”.  Begging the question, “what about socialism is so amazing that a politician would want to use that term?”

So, how would someone mandate that an organization completely share with their workers their profits.  Profit sharing? Afterall, ownership of the company you work for is a socialist concept.  It would have to be government mandated.  Therefore the government would take full control of the means of production, and then it would be a government company, not an employee owned company.  So, again, where is Socialism so amazing?

Because it has the term democratic? Mob ruling?  Does that indicate that should a mob find that there is a law that they find to be obstructive the mob can simply rule that law off the books. One example is that of depriving one of the right to personal property.  Should the mob decide that one person should be deprived of the right to speak their mind, then all should be deprived of that right?  After all that is democratic.

Even Vladmir Lennon claimed that the ultimate goal of socialism was communism.  Whereby the government owns all means of production of goods and services.  Who would benefit from that?  According to Tim Walsh, “When the government owns and controls businesses like automobile manufacturing, they dictate wages and prices so anybody in the upper management is going to be well-connected to the government because they’ll take care of themselves.”

How does miss Cortez intend to disrupt that? Does her educational background on economics cover the fact that under socialism or communism, the government elite own the people who work as in a proletariat oligarchy?  Or is she simply trying to place herself among the government elite to further her fiscal advancement.

Back to Germany and the atrocities committed under the National Socialist Government workers party, AKA, Nazi’s.  Below are two graphics of what happened to the people living under this party.  Deaths of jews by locationPeople killed in concentration camps

Clearly, miss Cortez needs to rethink her grossly inaccurate information.  Red Hot Media will be happy to bring her up to speed should she desire to enter the world of cognitively informed.


Scientists from NASA have landed another exploration on the surface of Mars.  It was a stressful moment while scientists tried to successfully land their vehicle on the surface, because the atmosphere of Mars is so different from earth, they had to carefully calculate how to slow down the speed of the “robot geologist”.

After the landing there was considerable amount of dust in the area making the lens of the camera very spotty.  Even Vice President Pence called NASA to congratulate them on a job well done.

There have been 7 successful landings of missions on mars.  However this mission is to explore the inner planet.  To determine whether its core is liquid, or solid. And also why Mars lost its atmosphere.

Scientists have determined that the surface of Mars once contained water and Mars had an atmosphere at one point in time.  This mission is to determine the inner workings of the planet. It will dig holes approximately 5 meters deep to determine the internal temperatures and to measure for Marsquakes.


WWIII to Start in South China Sea

While the Media is focused on a bellicose reporter insulting the President for making the claim an invasion of South Americans was approaching the border, a bigger looming threat of world peace looms in the balance.  The threat is China and their attempt to rule the world by occupation as well as control the shipping lanes of the South China Sea.

China who has been notorious for their hacking of the American technology sector to the extent of inserting tiny microchips into the motherboards of computers it ships to the United States and even hacking private enterprise of Facebook has set their sites on the South China Sea.  Among the reefs they are building on includes a new one, the Bombay reef, reported by Reuters, “China has installed a new platform on a remote part of the Parcel Islands in the disputed South China Sea which could be used for military purposes, according to recent satellite images reviewed by a U.S. think tank.”

In addition to their building platforms on the Spratly Islands, which is eerily close to the Philippines, and the Scarborough Shoals, China has essentially taken over the South China Sea as their territory.  China has made claims that they are entitled to everything within their 9 dash line.  All the Oil and Natural Gas that are under the sea.  9-dash south China sea


With the Eastern edge of the Spratly Islands and the Scarborough Shoal so close to the Philippines, Red Hot Media is concerned they are positioning themselves for full control over the South China Sea.  The possibility of full control over the shipping lanes and possibly an invasion of the Philippines, and  South Vietnam is a possible outcome.  

Congressional Research Service reported, “China is now capable of controlling the South China Sea in all scenarios short of war with the United States.” Chinese control of the SCS—and, more generally, Chinese domination of China’s near-seas region, meaning the SCS, the East China Sea (ECS), and the Yellow Sea—could substantially affect U.S. strategic, political,and economic interests in the Indo-Pacific region and elsewhere. 

China claims that this is their territory, and that under international law, foreign militaries are not able to conduct intelligence-gathering activities, such as reconnaissance flights, in its exclusive economic zone (EEZ).  They will not tolerate any military vessels in the area, nor any military that can challenge their claim to sovereignty of the South China Sea.  However, International law has challenged Chinese claims, and under (UNCLOS) United Nations Convention of the Law of the Sea, has found that nations should have freedom of navigation through the South china sea, and do not have to inform the claimant nation of china of their intentions to travel the area.  

China is prepared to use military force to defend its claim on the South China sea. This has been demonstrated in recent history when the Philippine government spotted a Chinese fishing vessel illegally fishing off their coast in the Scarborough Shoals.  The Philippine vessel attempted to detain the Chinese vessel for illegal fishing, but then two Chinese military vessels intervened, causing a stand-off between the two nations for a few days. 

The Philippines were granted temporary waiver from any further aggression with China due in part to China’s promise of helping the Philippines finance their infrastructure under the Philippine President Duarte.  In essence, China is paying the Philippines to drop the Hague Case, where the Philippines disputed Chinese 9 dash claim over the sea.  

These events lead Red Hot Media to believe that China will eventually claim the Philippines as a Chinese territory, President Duarte, “If you want just make us a province” quipped to a group of Chinese Philippine businessmen.  His comments drew anger from the government.  Some critics claiming that country is in danger of becoming a Chinese satellite state.  

As National Interest reported, “China, however, remains undaunted. As a prominent Chinese academic recently made clear, Beijing “has the right to build whatever it needs within its [claimed] territory,” in the South China Sea. And increasingly Beijing is using US countermeasures as pretext to further expand its growing military footprint in the area.”

China is rapidly expanding their interest in the South China sea through financial means and military might.  Their reckless disregard for International Law with respect to UNCLOS, and their expansionism of their military bases in the SCS;  thus making Communist China a global power.  Chinese aggressive posturing is reminiscent of that of WWII when Germany and Japan decided to expand their dominance.  However, in this case, it is a bit more clever as they are using not just military might but economic leverage.  

We should be asking congress, if their gross expansionism will eventually lead to them overthrowing governments in the Philippines, South Vietnam, Malaysia, and possibly Japan questioning their status as a sovereign nation.  What is the inevitable outcome?

South China Sea2

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